[Not A Bug] Wandering Merchant Encounter never appears on the fourth battle of an explore run

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was expecting to have a 15% chance to get a Wandering Merchant Encounter on the 4th battle of an explore run.

I have done many many explore runs but have not yet had a any of the four merchant encounters appear on the 4th battle of an explore run.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every time I do an explore run after the update.

Steps to make it happen again
Play many explore runs and notice no encounters appearing on the 4th battle.


Official announcement quoted for reference:


Over 300 explore runs now (mix of E1 and E12) and still no encounter on the 4th battle.

Dozens of encounters on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd battles of a run.

Bad luck, intended behaviour or bug?

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Why would this be an issue, let alone a topic? Honestly wondering, no negativity implied.

Because there should be a 15% chance to get a merchant encounter after battle 4, at the moment that chance is 0%.

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The post you are referencing would not be a valid place for a bug report. OP has posted this where it belongs and it is a valid bug report. Only battle #5 it’s supposed to be exempt from the merchant appearance (6 if there’s a mythic battle as well.

Posting in an official news thread will not receive developer attention or response 99% of the time.


Not seen a merchant appear after the 4th Explore battle myself either.

Hello :slight_smile:

Wandering Merchant Encounters won’t appear after the 4th Explore Battle.

So the 4th Explore battle isn’t a ‘regular’ Explore battle? Can we have some clarification on what that means please?

“There is a 15% chance to encounter one of the 4 random Wandering Merchants at the end of a regular Explore Battle or a non-Boss Room Battle in Delves.”

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Yeah, “after” is not the same as “on”.

(which is to say: this was tagged as not-a-bug, but the answer given is to a different question than the bug report is asking.)

(and on edit: Kafka’s comment below clarifies this.)


Once you have completed the 4th Explore battle, you receive a pop up about the Mini Boss battle.
This is why it’s intended the Wandering Merchant won’t be encountered once you’ve completed the 4th Explore battle. The Mini Boss pop up takes priority.

If you would like to make a complaint about a staff member contact support.
We do not accept callouts in the public forum for any forum member.


Ah, that does makes sense, thank you!

And the clarification that “after the 4th battle” means “on completion of the 4th battle” makes Bramble’s comment above make sense too. Sorry Bramble!

Could the same clarification be applied to the help article too? The current wording there is “at the end of a regular Explore Battle” which does suggest that merchant encounters can occur after all 4 of the battles.


The mini boss battle pop-up is annoying and unnecessary BTW. Has been for a long time.


If you want to leave feedback please do so in the feedbackl section.
Bug report threads are for sharing information so we can all solve the issue.

Got it. Then the initial official announcement post was slightly incorrect when it said “at the end of non-boss battles” (which an Explore run always has four of) ?

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Is there any way to get this revisited? As you might remember, there have been multiple community drives in the past to get rid of the Mini Boss popup, because it doesn’t contribute anything except forcing an extra interaction step on players. That this popup now also prevents other things viewed as positive from working, and that this is sold as entirely intended, feels quite… controversial.


Also, many times it temporarily freezes the game (at least for me) and it takes a few seconds to click out of it.

There’s nothing confusing about the wording in the patch notes…

“We have added a new random encounter system that can trigger at the end of non-boss battles in Explore and Delves”

This is a limitation of coding ability and knowledge. We’ve never needed a popup telling us battle 5 is a boss battle. It’s always been there as a speed bump. Can’t have the speed bumps stacking.

The patch notes say end of a non-boss battle, not before, and battle 4 is anon-boss battle…sigh. Whatever. Insult my intelligence some more, I’m staring to enjoy it /s