[Not a bug] Underspire map reset where is the promised compensation?

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We were promised compensation for this. I received nothing. I spent gems and purchased lanterns with real money. I also played up to almost the third boss when all my progress was wiped out. I did not play for the rest of the week as I could not restart from scratch. So I lost my entire time and money investment.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Last week.

Steps to make it happen again

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it’s 37 minutes after weekly reset (5:37pm local time here). We will be sending the compensation very soon (I’m hoping it will be tomorrow during business hours) but it won’t be tonight.

It is coming through though.


Well, people have been waiting since the issue occurred if you’re wondering why some are getting impatient.

Some clear communication upfront - something like you did now but before people get pushy - would help to avoid that.

For us players there is no apparent reason why compensation couldn’t have been sent out last week, hence some impatience.


If the “weekly reset time” that you mention is “inconveniently placed” for “the team”…
I’d know a solution. Not a very complicated riddle.
Completely irrelevant information for the players though. There was quite some time already last week to work this out, that chance was missed or planned not taken serious. The communication of such situations is highly problematic.

Will compensation be a hooray 50gems for everyone or is it a well considered and individually fair compensation? I didn’t, but many players “paid real money and got ‘wrecked’”. Will be interesting to witness how these players will get treated.

Since it has been quite a few days for “the team” to work on and prepare a fair and satisfying solution that could’ve/should’ve been ready last week - and still isn’t ready effective with weekly reset now it feels more and more disappointing each day that passes by.


I think we are shouting math problems at people walking a tight rope atm. Get those resumes up to date… Jk idk anything just a feeling


Well, to be fair, they didn’t say that compensation would be sent out right at weekly reset, just some unspecified time afterwards. There’s actually some relevant part in that information, it’s “we aren’t entirely convinced the fix will work for everybody, we’d like to look at the results somewhat longer than 37 minutes, please be patient”.

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If they really wanted to compensate the player base I think getting all the normal dungeon rewards x2 would be fair since that’s essentially what you are buying from the underspire. Since torches give x2 rewards in the boss battles. It wouldn’t kill them to fairly compensate us.


I couldn’t agree more, like the game a ton, I’ve stuck with it through good and bad, but it seems like ZERO good lately. Almost like they are literally trying to pull the plug.

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I am holding off on buying lanterns this week and see what kind of compensation they will put out tomorrow


Ya I’m hoping for all needed torches and lanterns needed to complete Underspire for the week for free.

I don’t really have an issue with the devs taking their time on compensation if it’s done right. My concern is that it’ll be done right. Communication on that has been poor, and @Jeto made a very unfortunate statement on the reset thread that, well, we got a free lantern out of it—for an event we couldn’t use it on. It didn’t inspire confidence and we’ve heard nothing of substance since.

I spent 500 gems last week that were lost. I’m not going to spend any this week unless I can be assured, today, the issue is fixed. And I say today because there’s no point starting the event if I’m gonna run out of torches before the end. It often takes 13 torch purchases (65 extra torches) to finish, which is fine at a rate of 2 purchases a day but if I skip today, 13 becomes impossible without getting ripped off.


The compensation part was not the issue. I think they said that would come. The issue was what to do with the rest of the week which was ignored. I waited til Saturday and had to spend gems to get the 2nd reward on Saturday to avoid having to spend even more gems on Sunday. Those 14 I lost caused me to have to spend when I usually do not have to unless I go much further.


@Kafka any update on this?

He posted an update in a new thread - 7.1 Bug Update (Please read before submitting any new reports/tickets) - #82 by NerdieBirdie

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Like normal, nothing got fixed during the week it broke and all you got was 50 gems compensation this week for yet another broken update.


Did you buy any torches or lanterns?

Compensation for me and my guild was pretty accurate and decent tbh. We got gems, lanterns and torches.

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Yes those who purchased torches and lanterns got enough back - however eversince the compensation the paths have grown suspiciously longer…

I’ve had shorter than usual paths this week.

I had a nicely short underspire the week before the reset happened. But lots of my alliance mates complained about longer than usual maps.

I suppose it’s random so I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt.

To be fair, I happen to have quite a few junctions and dead ends this week. Will have to see how it goes.

You are not alone. I’ve seen the maps get substantially worse since they tried to fix the 6+ dead end problem.