7.1 Bug Update (Please read before submitting any new reports/tickets)

I’m not even going to get into the Underspire compensation joke. However, my issue is with the timing. Any comp that gives torches and lanterns should have been pushed out at reset. You people need to get a better understanding of the events in your own game.


I think they do.

Lost minimum 600 gems as I still completed underspire, got 50 gem compensation.
The ticket that I sent was not even read, but marked as solved.
There are 2 words I can say in this situation, but they are considered rude, so I won’t do that.


Since compensation hasn’t been rolled out yet, would it possibly be an option to refund gems spent instead of torches bought? This far better reflects what players have lost due to the bug. Besides, it’s almost mid-week now, receiving a pile of torches that will expire by the end of the week isn’t exactly helpful for an event that requires quite a bit of planning.


The biggest problem here is now we are all waiting to get our torches and lanterns. It wouldn’t make sense to buy torches or lanterns today if you are going to send them. So now it’s the waiting game. This was something that really needed to be sent out at reset on Monday. Since Underspire is a daily event. Will I need to restart the game for them to appear? Will you post when they are officially sent out?


Definitely sucks for anyone who boughts more tiers later in the week to make up for lost time (myself included, although I didn’t finish Underspire last week as I was not about to spend that many gems).

I would love to hear:

A) How/why this many errors occurred in the first place, passing QA (responses of “they dont have QA” incoming)

B) Why issues like these are so incredibly common to this game

C) What will be done to prevent such issues going forwards

I don’t expect we’ll get answers on those points, though :confused: Worth noting that I have never and will never view the devs as actively malicious or lazy, as I want to give the benefit of the doubt that this is some managerial, structural constraint, be it lack of employees, crunched time, etc. But it really sucks that this is the norm and players often come to fear updates more than be excited for them.


Tbh, not the compensation I expected (or hoped for). I thought it would be a gem-compensation only, and possibly a refund, but okay…

Is there an ETA on the compensation? Because IMHO, it’s a bit… odd… to announce on a tuesday, that lanterns and torches will be the compensation, when these expire on sunday. Someone may already have purchased lanterns on monday. So here’s hoping, that this compensation will arrive when next week begins, so someone doesn’t get stuck with a surplus of lanterns, and no dragons to light up.


I don’t think there will be anything next week. My question is will it be at reset tonight or a random hour in the middle of the day?

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I received the Cliffy error gems and the Adventure board gems but did not receive the Underspire lantern booster that I purchaed not the Torch boosters that I purchased…what is the timing of these compensations being distributed?

I’ve been umming and arring on whether to complete Underspire at all, and this last week was the final nail. The message about fixing the endless corridor also contained inferences that the community problem solvers and the players would be penalised for working out things.

So last week I had a bit of extra free time than usual, so I did actually day 1, spend 50 gems, 100 and 150. Day 2, 50, 100 and 150 and Day 3, 50, 100 and 150. I was able to purchase torches on Wednesday as I played on Ipad and I was able to play (patch not available at the time but worked). So Thursday close to finishing, 4 bosses killed and 1 identified. Thursday the dungeon reset…

A lot of people were forcibly reset (certainly numerous examples in alliance chat) on the Thursday, but the compensation only applies upto Wednesday? @Kafka

I literally could not stomach the underspire after, and now it’s done for me. The reset cost us players in our alliance, after the patch cost us several, that’s more important to me than any resource I can get.

The changes to the game since 7.0 are so anti guild, and inherently player. We understand the need to maximise margins and strive to prevent gem growth (no-one can grow gems now unless they don’t play) and such, but the burden on all players (and I would argue I’m one of the craziest managers of gems there is) has increased so much, it’s incomparable to previous iterations, yet if we look closely, we have nothing to show for it.

There is a real issue in the game that it’s actually stopped, and it’s going to shed more and more players and soon. No-one can progress and yet we see virtually no books of deeds. This is killing players who are literally not seeing any account momentum.

Don’t get me started on writs when you need a spare 90,000 per L20 kingdom, if you are lucky enough to get to L18.



So, what happens to the players that didn’t get reset until Thursday? It doesn’t look like actions taken in the Underspire on Wednesday is covered here.


They’ll keep right on spending because “it’s too good a deal to pass up”. The devs are definitely pushing the FOMO.

If the shoe fits…

Seriously though, I’d love to see the technical explanation for how stuff gets missed. I work in IT and there’s an entire process we follow when a change winds up having unexpected results, because customers are impacted.

But QA is expensive and eats into profits. Just like bug fixing.

Cutting into profits is bad.

In conclusion:

A) Because QA is expensive
B) Because QA is expensive
C) Nothing, because QA is expensive and people keep lining up to buy the “it’s a great deal” pa$$e$ anyway…angry payers are still payers (there’s probably plenty of ‘it didn’t affect me so I don’t care’ payers too, who aren’t angry because they weren’t affected)


Wrong. I for one will no longer purchase lantern packs

Ok, credit where it’s due. Just got my email for underspire compensation. In all honesty, that’s fair. I’m one who spent gems and $ and I got it repaid plus couple extras. I was originally going to gripe about you guys waiting til today but then I realised if I had spent stuff this week already, I could actually hold the mails and open an collect next week. I didn’t but I could. So yes, thanks for making it right in this case. The sole complaint I have is the fact that you were in radio silence mode on weather or not there was a way to fix it last week, we were left in the dark about how to proceed. But otherwise, it will do.


I didn’t even start Underspire until Sunday and lost neither Gems nor time when it reset [did I even lose any torches from that?]. But sure, I’ll take the free torches they sent today. :person_shrugging:


I was hoping it was just a typo but I only got compensation for the first 48 hours as they planned. Now I hope it’s an accidental oversight.

I’m missing an extra 10+2 torches for my Wednesday purchases.

ok i want to check this out the comp mail for underspire could i leave it there for next weeks underspire event please ??

Thank you received my torches and lanterns, though I must say today’s Underspire had a suspiciously extra long path to the next boss…


Definitely agree!

Compensation this time around is very fair and very much appreciated, and the fact that we can choose whether to collect and use it this week or use it next week is great. I do agree that it would have been better if you gave better suggestions for how to proceed last week, but I can appreciate that you were trying to investigate and figure out the problem. And overall I’m pleased with the outcome.


I wish the expiry time was 1 week longer, but I’m otherwise happy with the underspire comp. I just have to remember not to collect it this week and hope next week’s kingdom isn’t too hard, (eg me missing key mythic for scaling.)