[Not a bug] Troop Refund button missing

PC version still.

When I just checked a few troops, the option to refund those, who have been downgraded in balancing patches, has disappeared. May have been like that for a while already.
There was never any expiration date mentioned about troop refunds, so it felt safe to assume, that the option would remain available permanently until used. Also with the bandit refund being a crucial aspect of several setups, lacking the option will put players who did not use it yet at a permanent disadvantage.

I find it more likely, that the refundable troops are still marked in the database and only the option went missing, as it would have been more work to remove all those markers than to forget about the button in an interface update.



Why can’t we untrait a troop. Only the veteran players knew not to fully trait the bandit. They have an advantage, that others should be able to equal.


This Troop Refund button only appears when we have activated it and will be available for a limited time, which is communicated to the Forums!

But it not there consistently.

But, the problem is that not everyone reads the forums. It would be nice to have a reset traits as a feature.

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It’s highly unlikely to happen, players could easily exploit it for kingdom power levels (trait troops, complete task, revert traits and spend traitstones somewhere else). You are asking for the wrong thing though, the real issue here is one troop, Bandit, which is arguably much more powerful without the Stealthy trait. The solution would be to give it a different trait and avoid situations in the design process where a troop gets permanently worse by upgrading it (see also weapons).

Where do you draw the line? You could argue the storm traits on The Lord of Slaughter and The Wild King make those troops worse. What about weapons? There are half a dozen weapons that see regular use and another 15ish that are unused that are made worse by fully upgrading them. Remember years ago when they ‘CoLLeCtED fEeDbAcK’ on bad weapon traits because they were totally going to fix them and never make the same mistakes again? Yeeeeeeah.

I’m not arguing against fixing Bandit or fixing troops & weapons in general. Just trying to make sure expectations are kept at an appropriate level (= very close to zero).

Grave Seer Spell should be changed too coz of he’s gettin worse once you upgrade him up to gold elite
“Enchant target ally + convert green to purple”
or at least
“Enchant strongest ally except me unless there is no other ally + convert green to purple”

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Right after the one worst offender that triggers 99 out of 100 of these discussions. Yes, I’m exaggerating, but you have to start somewhere, and this is the most obvious candidate. Of course, there’s still the issue somebody would actually have to drive for that change to be made, which totally didn’t happen for that list of upgrade issues the community was asked to collect years ago. Maybe a trivial change to a single troop wouldn’t be too much to ask for?

That’s a really excellent idea. It doesn’t break the “at most one click” contract for spells and removes the need to meta game (refusing to upgrade Grave Seer) for optimal results. It’s far less prominent than Bandit though, so I’d really put it second on the list of low hanging fruits that should have been picked years ago.

You know the answer to that one! :joy:

How exactly does Bandit become more powerful by being not stealthy? What am I missing?

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I assume, you never faced a book team with thief class (in guild war specially).

If bandit wouldn’t be stealthy, the hero remains untargetable as long there is a bandit around which can loop infinite :wink:

When all remaining troops on the enemy team have ‘Stealthy’, they all become targetable. Bandit not having ‘Stealthy’ means that it will shield troops that do have ‘Stealthy’ from becoming targetable. This turned ‘Thief’ from being a meh choice for GW defence to being the best choice, because ‘Thief’ will re-summon Bandits.

That silly rubbish of a useless tripe? I’ve never cared about that and never experienced it to be a threat…don’t understand why people get so worked up over it.

I though it was something genuinely interesting and useful about Bandit and why it might make a spot on the team. Oh, well…

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Ah, so THAT’s the rub. I was wondering too, especially as the patch notes for Bandit (December 2020) only mentioned changing its Mana cost and nothing else.

Stealthy Summoning has always been a thorny issue to play around (Cedric Sparklesack, Egg Thief, etc.) …