[Not a bug] Queen Moonclaw Cast Ability references "Gnoll" instead of "Wargare" as a troop type

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Queen Moonclaw 2

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Queen Moonclaw states “Summon a random Gnoll” as part of her casted ability, but Gnoll is a specific troop instead of a troop type. The summons are Wargare troop type as her ability should read. Due to Queen Moonclaw’s troop type of Wargare, I expected the text to read “Summon a random Wargare”. All other Wargare troop type’s reference Wargare as a troop type instead of Gnoll.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Always happens and probably started when she was released. Every cast, she summons a Wargare troop type, but only randomly is the Wargare summoned actually the specific troop named “Gnoll” which is a Wargare troop type.

Steps to make it happen again
Cast Queen Moonclaw’s ability with an open slot on your team and a random Wargare troop will be summoned.

It’s working as intended.
Someone can tell me what the troop name is since I can’t get into the game right now but it summons “Spiders” despite Spiders not being an actual troop type.
Salty then made a list of troops it summons (again don’t have time to track that post down).
I know it’s frustrating how much the developers expect people to “just know” and how the text in the game does a half :peach: job of explaining things.
But Gnolls are the troops that do double damage to certain troop colors on their cast randomly to the first or last troop (as far as I know). I think they are all Wargare as well, but not every Wargare is a Gnoll.
I agree though. Since they can’t seriously expect every GoW player to just know that. Moonclaw should summon any Wargare.
And the troop that I can’t remember the name of should only summon certain beast types like Giant Spiders or Spiders.
But this game has existed for 5 years without anyone on the design team caring about inconsistent text. So probably nothing will change.
I look forward to King Sinatra who summons blue eyed troops. :roll_eyes:

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You’re referring to Cocoon, but at least it summons something with Spider in the name - Giant Spider is the only thing I’ve ever seen it summon. Out of 7 casts I tested, Queen Moonclaw summoned Gnoll x1, Druid, x1, Fenrir x1, Ranger X2, and Wild Fang x2 - so only one creature had Gnoll anywhere on their card and 2 of them (gnoll and wild fang refernce “50% chance to hit the wrong Enemy” but the other summons shared no commonality with them other than all were Wargare.

I just went back and retested and I still only summon 3 of 4 Gnolls. At release I ended up doing 200 summons to confirm as well.

Can you capture video of the other summons? I see no reason PS4 should be different from PC/Mobile.

Bane Jaw, Gnoll. and Savage Hunter are summonable. Wild Fang is not. For me at least.


Hey sorry I didn’t reply to this sooner!

Redi is correct, Moonclaw can only summon Bane Jaw, Savage Hunter and Gnoll.
This is due to technical reasons, I’ve passed feedback that maybe the wording could be improved at least.


I hope they improve it to also summon Bullygnoll and Lord of Slaughter(when it comes out) so she is actually a useful legend. But yes, there should be something that references on their card that they are a ‘gnoll’, just as some beasts should also reference they’re a ‘spider’.