[Not a Bug] Old Magus’ Staff missing from Soulforge

Since it’s Karakoth week, I’ve expected Old Magus’s Staff to be in Soulforge. However, it’s missing.

This weapon was released on October 22, hasn’t it been a long enough period of time?


Unfortunately these shop items seem to have 90 days window before they become craftable. This time period hasn’t passed yet. For future disappointments I’d just buy them from the event shop. You get the weapon and your guildmates appreciate your extra effort with your sigils.


It should be. Its been 3 months.

But, Divinoin Feilds should be this week. Not a multiple repeat. Over 1 year 2 months.

Karakoth has been 4 times since Divinoin Feilds.


The Raid Boss event when the weapon got released was October 28th, 2022.


Yes, long enough for it to be part of a Weekly Kingdom. They really need to fix this. If the event is over, then it’s part of the loot after the event ends.

While you agree with this, the “official” 90 days waiting period isn’t over though. Doesn’t matter if you or I feel like it should be in Soulforge.


Thanks for your advice. But I haven’t written that I don’t own this weapon. I have it, as I always buy all the necessary tiers so my guild might appreciate fully closed events.
I was asking out of curiosity)
By the way, is there an official statement about this “90 days window”? There is nothing like that in official posts about invasions or raid bosses.

Coz its treated like this…

… like all the other stuff, they do (or actually not do).

until this post not a single veteran knew about these 90 days


Thank you for your answers!

I’ve been reading this and looking at it with a confused face. What device is this being an issue for? I was able to craft this weapon the last time there was an event for Karakoth or maybe it was a friendly bug being nice to me. :thinking:


EDIT: Oh wait, was this something from the Elite pass, if so maybe that’s how I got it, my fault.:person_facepalming::sweat_smile:

It was the featured weapon of a Raid Boss in October, as such it was in the forge while the event was active. The 3 month waiting period doesn’t really make much sense. Kingdom events already take close to a year to roll around, crafting the weapon comes with a huge extra price tag, there’s really no need to make this even more punishing by throwing in some extra hidden pitfalls.

It’s probably something hard coded, which means no matter how much feedback we provide, it will never reach anybody who would be able to make this less hostile towards players.


Not trying to. Enough information wasn’t given about the situation, at least not for me to understand. As I said, I’m confused. I might be late as far as responding like everyone else but I still wanted to know what’s up. Now that I know it was part of a Raid Boss Event, and that’s probably how I got it, it’s clear to me now.

Oh, wow, I didn’t see this while I was on my phone. I’m using my PC now… :rofl: Now feel I like the one who has :poop: his pants :rofl: my bad… :laughing:

I think 4.21 was referring to GoW/dev team – i.e. no need for them to make crafting the weapon any more punishing than it already is with the cost and time between Kindgom rotations.


Are you serious man? Thanks for making me feel like I :poop:my pants again :sweat_smile: