[Not a Bug] Legend reborn gnom reward doesn't work: didn't have the bait

On Xbox,

I bougth with gem the reward to get gnom “piège” (in french, i don’t know how it is in english… bait, maybe?).
I pay 500 gems for it. I get the compagnion, but not the gnom think. For the both rewards.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I did happen for the two last legend reborn phases. For the first one, I wasn’t sure, for the second, I am…

Steps to make it happen again
In the next Legend reborn event, pay with gems to have gnome bait and cursed gnome bait. You will have the pet, but not the gnome bait (nether the curses gnome bait)…

Thanks to fixe the bug and repaid me (or give the bait). I did paid (with gems) for this…

Did you do any battles? Is it possible that the gnome bait was automatically used during an explore/pvp battle?

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You do not choose when to activate gnome bait.
It gets used automatically in the first appropriate battle and it is what most likely happened that you simply didn’t notice.


I didn’t know that it work like that. Thanks! Yes, I think, when i was doing battle, i saw gnomes. So it worked fine!