[Not a Bug] Exiting on Android is even MORE difficult with new patch

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Android, Pixel 2 XL

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

The previous patch removed the Quit button on Android, but you could hit the back button twice and it would pull up the exit prompt and you could quit. Now when I hit the back button on the menu screen, it just exits the menu screen.


Chromebook and Samsung Galaxy S9+ as well.

I am also having the exact same issue. Does anyone know if there is a fix yet? Thanks!

Exiting the game was very neatly done before this update. Now, force quitting seems like only option, please return it the way it was.

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Somone want to explain why this is not a bug? I can’t quit on Android now. AT ALL (other than force quit) The back arrow doesn’t give me the menu to quit. The settings area doesn’t have a quit button like my PC version…

HOW are we supposed to quit on Android now??? @Saltypatra

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ten chars
it is ten chars
nine should be close enough


This should be helpful in the meantime:

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If your device doesn’t have buttons

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen
  2. Depending on your chosen device settings you can then either:
  • Hold the screen, let go, then swipe Gems of War off the screen
  • OR If the on screen buttons appear, select the square button or button with 3 lines then swipe Gems of War off the screen
  1. then believe it’s off, or check it and wonder, why GoW is still running…?
    as it was in my case…
    the thing was, other apps got stopped after swiping off, BUT GoW… at least, not till i changed manually the settings for the game…
    So, if u want to post a “solution”, check prior to, if it works as u think it is… Or at least mention, there are other factors that could have influence on it…

@Black_Seraph sorry the instructions didn’t work for you. I just realised that the instructions may be a little confusing as some Android devices use the square button to bring up the app manager while other Android devices have a square button as the home button. Pressing the home button won’t close your apps. The button on the right is the one that opens the app manager.

Square button here:

3 Lines button here:

Is that what went wrong with the instructions?

I’ll add a screenshot showing the other Android button layout to the article either way just in case this helps other people.

sadly, no…

it seems, u’ve missed the point…
the thing is, that not on every mobile ur advice - swiping the game off the screen - will rly stop it…
i checked it after and the game was still running in the background (unlike other apps, which after swiping off got stopped)…
i had to change the battery’s use by the game from auto-management to manual management, only then it gets rly stopped…

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