(Not a bug)Copies of Enemies inconsistent

The Mirror Queen (Mythic Ascension) that was level 200 summoned a Level 200 The Mirror Queen (Legendary Ascension). The Mirror Queen (Legendary Ascension) that was level 200 summoned a level 59 Copy Cat (Ultra Rare Ascension).
I believe the level 59 is the one that’s working as intended since the Mirror Queens Magic is 59.

Friendly reminder… EVERY NEW MECHANIC needs to be tested by QA. Normal new troops is one thing… New troops that do something original need to actually be played. It shouldn’t rely on your amazing community.

(Will post SS when I have the time to do so.)


But the community will do it for free, and care enough to be active in forums after office hours and during weekends!



We should get all paid as well for doing their job!

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Relax, it’s just a broken mirror :slight_smile:
Maybe that bag is in the title/name, then it is not really big issue :smiley:

I’ve passed this along to our team to review. If you could provide any other examples or further information, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.


Experienced this, this morning. Basically the same issue as reported already just in image form. The rest of the photos will take longer to get off my Chromebook.

The Mythic Copy Cat Produced a level 250 copy cat but with Ultra Rare Rarity.

The Ultra Rare Rarity produced the copy cat on top with 33 attack (so I’m guessing level 57 based off the magic in the SS).

Head’s up, I spoke to the team about this!

Summon: Uses the Summoner’s Magic stat to determine the level.
Transform: When a troop transforms itself into another troop, it keeps its existing level.

In your instance @awryan, the first copycat is the summoned one, and the second copycat on the opponent’s team is the doppelganger which has transformed, keeping its pre-existing level. If I have misinterpreted your screenshots, please let me know.


No, that all makes sense now. Thanks.


How about troops summoned by traits, eg stonesong eyries troops?

I think the confusing part is the phrase “summon a copy”. That and your playerbase is likely to include a lot of MtG and other card game players.

Doppelganger says “Transform into an enemy”, so when it keeps its level it’s sort of workable to realize that’s just how transform works. But Copycat says “summon a copy”, which sort of implies “a copy” might mean “with the same stats”. Mirror Queen is the only other troop with “summon a copy” in her ability text, so there’s no historical basis to go on and it could be interpreted as a new mechanic by a player.

I think the way MtG handles this is when they add a new mechanic they like to make a new word for it. For example, an MtG templating might be:

Generate 10 gems of a non-hero Ally’s mana color. There is a 50% chance to Summon the selected Ally.

Summon already exists, and Capitalizing it makes it clear you’re using an ability word to shortcut referring to a rule that already exists. For it to mean “with different rules than Summon”, you would have to define some new word like Duplicate, then define what it means in the rules.

Transforming does not sound like the troop would be considered as having died. However, during a faction team delve, activating the Doppelganger’s abily, appears to have invalidated a no casualties run.

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That is the actual bug that wasn’t QA’d properly. Idk if anyone has done an official bug report about it though. :man_shrugging:
It’d be interesting to see if other transforms like baby dragon also count as a casualty.

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Reposting this

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I read that as, finishing with 4 troops will count as zero casaulties?

Finishing with 4 troops you start the delve with.
Eg baby dragon transforms into another dragon and you finish the delve with that dragon, it counts as casualty. But if you let that dragon die and then summon another baby dragon, it counts as no casualties