[Not a bug] Class Trial problem - Mechanist

I’m sure this will be marked " not a bug", like nearly everything reported, but I’ll enter it anyway.

For some ungodly reason, this week, the Class Trial, has 2 copies of fighting Queen Titania and gang.
Not sure why or how this happened, but I’ve never seen a duplicate Class Trial battle leader and team before now.

Mobile app, Android OS, yeah no idea of what version I’m on now ( don’t really care).

What was i expecting? 5 unique battles.

What happened? I got 4 unique battles and a duplicate.

How often does this happen? Has not happened before that I’m aware of.

When did it begin happening? Just this week 5/18/2023 Class Trial (Mechanist)

Was this a once-off bug or has it been a consistent issue? Once off event i believe

Does it only happen after doing a particular game mode? Yes, its only been in this Class Trial.

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This actually has happened before, but it is quite rare.

Part of what makes it so noticeable is that this mode has maybe 6 (7?) enemy teams total, and they’re never shuffled between tiers so it already feels repetitive as is.

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Hello :slight_smile:

This is not a bug as Queen Titania is still considered to be a “boss” for the Class Trials, and although it is very unlikely that having duplicate troops will occur, it will not break the battle/game.

I hope this clarifies things :slight_smile:

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It does break the enjoyment of the game mode however. Class Trials are super redundant since players do the exact same battles 5-100+ times in less than 24 hours. Allowing RNG/AI to duplicate the same matches more than once makes an already redundant game mode 20% more redundant.


No it doesnt bream the battle, and it doesnt break the game.

But y’alls definition of a bug needs fixing.

If it isn’t supposed to happen, AND IT DOES ANYWAY, something is WRONG and it should be fixed.

It’s really rather simple.

But, it was as i anticipated, declared to be not a bug.


Is there maybe something wrong with the way these teams are decided? The last time this happened (see linked topic) the duplicates were ALSO on teams #2 and #4. And if this was intentional (i.e. no duplicate prevention) then we might expect this to happen a LOT more often than simply twice ever … we’d be reporting it almost every week.

the math

There are these teams to pick from:

  • Chief Stronghorn
  • Emperor Korvash
  • Gar’Nok
  • Hyndla Frostcrown
  • King Highforge
  • King Mikhail
  • Queen Mab
  • Queen Titania

Probability of picking 5 of 8 unique teams completely by random:
= P(8,5) / 8^5 = 6720/32768 =~ 20.5%

Inverse probability (i.e. at least one duplicate occurs):
= (100% - 6720/32768) =~ 79.5%

Also, please consider the request that after completing a tier of 5 battles, the Class Trial should reroll which teams are available to fight.

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