[Not a bug] Barrier not granted for the Hero - Starting Potion effects ignore the brown matches?

Looks like I was right then.

I’d be offended but that toilet thing is too funny hahahaha

Someone asked about this in the Switch discord the other day and linked me to this thread so I updated the title.

Traits trigger based on matches you make, not matches caused by potions.

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If so , there should be ingame tooltip telling us about that

Traits/Talents trigger when you match Gems, you’re not matching anything when a potion or enemy matches them, but I’ll pass your feedback to the team.


That opens a jar of eyes because I’m willing to bet traits like Mana link trigger when gems are matched caused by explosions.

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I also noticed this the other day…for what it is worth. I just figured i was deleriously tired. In my case i matched several turns of 3browns without barrier. I do believe this is a misfire of the trait that i verified later as being enabled. I had a sentinal class hero, non stunned matching browns without barrier triggering. I did not record the rest of the 100 variables that the devs want with a bug report but if i decided to play sentinal again i will watch for this