Replace the Potion of Explosion with the Potion of Reflection

Just replace the Potion Explosion Bonus for the 2nd Shop Tier to Potion of Reflection bonus.
This will ease the minds of many people when it comes to their starting board, including mine.

The starting board is often more unfavorable towards the player than not.
However, during some recent changes or a bug, brown matches that are matched during the Potion of Explosion and their cascades will no longer bring up the barrier on a Hero.

The issue is described in detail here:

Prefer explosions.


Don’t forget that this change will get rid of the existing bug with brown matches - Rock Solid talent.


Like everyone use rock solid?

Totally a NO from me, i like the cheap enchant + explo pots to faster up things thx (like on today delve event).


This is one of the worst ideas I have seen on this board. Reflection doesn’t really do much where as explosions give you mana which makes the matches quicker and allows you to cast troops quicker and when doing battles where the enemy has 500+ stats the quicker you cast quite often allows you to kill really dangerous troops before the can cast or before they can cause you to lose a troop or the battle.

I’m pretty sure 99.9% of people would much rather have a bug than lose something as valuable as explosion potions. Bugs really aren’t the end of the world.


I am glad that you dislike it so much that you’re willing to leave annoying bugs rather than fixing the issue.

The current bug (that Rock Solid does not trigger after explosions) is irritating, yes. But I would rather have the mana than be able to reflect a small amount of damage back to the source.


And that’s partly the reason why I have really made this suggestion.

I have been expecting developers to at least comment on this matter, but they do not provide any feedback nor do they check the Steam Discussion boards, where people are wondering why do they exist if no one really cares to answer them.

Not sure in which way swapping potion effect “fix” anything (you arent gonna get any free barrier anyway if that’s the problem).

For reflect even more? one of most worthless buffs (unless you got amazed from it from how lame work istant kill/armor destruction), on past week delve event i had np cast my euryali even when luna/lapina was giving reflect on whole enemy team.

Doubt that outside istant kills/armor removing troops reflect will ever be a problem (can be maybe in Mirrored hall when fighting enemy’s with x5 your stats but that is) on normal gameplay.

If you remove the explosion potion then you won’t have that bug but you still won’t be able to get a barrier before you turn starts anyway and you will be losing mana. “fixing” bugs by changing game features is worse than having bugs in the game and is extremly lazy and from what I have seen these devs aren’t lazy and will just properly fix the bug.

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I think that the Potion Explosion effect is solely responsible for this bug, but I could be wrong.

As for the developers, it’s hard to say, but I would at least expect some feedback on this matter.
I understand that they can’t answer everything at once and that they are busy, but waiting for some explanation for one or three weeks or more pretty much more, often contradicts “we are working hard” statement, especially if a dedicated player who wants to help them and their game, gets ignored.

It probably is but removing explosions still doesn’t fix the bug it just gets rid of it and it is the lazy thing to do. I haven’t even noticed this bug so I don’t know when it started buta while ago there was an extra turn bug with potions allowing you to get an extra turn for 4 matches made from the explosions meaning you could take your first move and then still have an extra turn after that move. When that was fix it may have messed up other effects you gain from matching gems.

We also don’t know if this even is a bug. We know getting a free extra turn from the explosions was a bug so maybe we aren’t supposed to be able to get barriers from brown matches and other gem matching effects during the explosions either.

If this is a bug and the devs don’t say anything and it remains for the next 2 months it doesn’t mean they aren’t working on it they could have fixed it but needed 4.7 to release the fix and instead of spending a few minutes commenting on it they are fixing something else with that time.

They did say a while ago they won’t be replying to bug reports but they still read them and they were telling the truth with that as there are a few old bug reports that the devs never commented on that have had their titles changed to say it is fixed in 4.6. I would much rather the devs spend the time fixing bugs instead of commenting on them anyway.


I also reported that bug in full detail.
It’s quite possible that by fixing that bug, they made room for another one.

Let’s wait and see.

I know that it’s up to them when to respond, but I think that such situation here pretty much warrants it.

It would be 100% worthless to change so.
Reflect doesn’t even reduce damage.

So if you’d die in turn one to enemy’s first skull match because of no barrier after cascade, you’d die exactly as fast because of just having reflect🤷

I’d say is a lot easier for the few that are affected by that bug to simply switch to like Sentinel, than for the a lot more that use explosions as filler to compensate for the no starting mana.

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Better idea:

A new currency that you get per tier that the user uses to buy potions, and add a few more potions to make it more interesting. You can still buy roughly one potion per tier, but you might opt to pool your resources and buy a different combination, or buy fewer potions but more powerful ones.

Oh god no…

Please please, no no no!

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I don’t like this idea… at all.

The explosion potion is one of the only things they’ve added to the game that speeds up matches instead of slowing them down.


Okay, you’ve made your point.
Developers, dismiss my suggestion, but fix that bug that I talked about!

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