[Not a bug] Barrier not granted for the Hero - Starting Potion effects ignore the brown matches?

Platform, device version, operating system, game speed, team share code, and game mode:
PC, Steam client
Windows 7 (64-bit)
Tower of Doom (Brown) - up to Tier IV Shop purchase only

Screenshot or image:
As you can see, several brown matches were made automatically, but a Hero did not get his barrier to trigger and get active.

Titan class, Rock Solid talent, all fully upgraded.
Doom Battle, Tier IV Shop purchase only was obtained and given Potion effects do go off during when each starting battle. However, during the cascades, several (brown) matches were made, but the Hero did not get the Barrier (Rock Solid talent) active. I believe this used to be different some time ago.
I am not sure if this is a bug or not, so I am posting this here for others to answer my question.
Because of this issue, I had to change the Hero class from Titan to Sentinel Class, to make sure that the first skull match from the enemy did not kill my Hero.

I have had the same problem.

I’m sure this was done on purpose, but you don’t get any trait triggered ‘match effect’ from starting explosion.

I also think it used to work differently: if potions cascaded into a brown match my hero would start with Barrier. I don’t know when the change was made, but I agree that it was a change.

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I couldnt test with potions, but you do get barrier when cascading brown after sin of maraj troops explosions

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Thanks for the input. I would like more feedback, but I think I am correct about this.
I clearly remember cases when any “accidental” brown match/es during the starting cascade from the Potion explosion effect or otherwise would get me the Barrier on my Hero.
Mostly evident in Delves and Tower of Doom, Invasion and Raid Boss, etc.

This must have been a recent change.

@Saltypatra and @Kafka, I would really appreciate some official feedback on this.

If you get the barrier from a single trait, you should be getting it when you match a brown color from cascades as well. At least that’s how I see it or have it used to be.

Thats what ive seen and expect it to work, but no reliable way to test with potions. Plus someone above claimed the opposite with certainty so :man_shrugging:

I can anecdotally remember not receiving a Barrier from a potion-cascade Brown match last week, I think, but yeah no way to test currently for me either.

I’m fairly certain when Wild Court delve was released potion cascades did not give barrier either.

The initial explosion cascade could do a lot with the right trait combinations before the match actually started, killing the enemy team before your first move used to hang the game.

:thinking: We had to do it, otherwise a player using four megavores had a 1 in 1000 chance of killing all the enemies and freezing the game before his first move.

i’ve been noticing this for 3 or 4 weeks
the brown coincidences by explosion of potion are not giving barrier
i’am 90% sure that this has been changed
i don’t remember anyone commenting on this change in the notes so it would be a hidden change

Spent a few sigils to test other traits. And yeah cascades after potion explosion dont trigger them. Maybe the change was made when they fixed the bug where cascades after explosion always give mana to the offensive side?

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I strongly believe that this was not supposed to happen.
The Rock Solid talent clearly states that any brown match/es gives you the barrier.

Happens to me too every time I play with pots.
What I think is that potions effects occurs at very start of battle before traits are even considered therefore no traits effect (such as links for example) take place. I’m too lazy to verify myself, but a quick answer to this would be playing at 1x speed and see if an empowered troop gets mana filled after or before potions effects.
Up to now I thought it was by design, I don’t remember to have ever been different

Traits occur before potions

Looks like it’s a workaround(hopefully, temporary) for extra turn bug that was quite op, which was triggered by getting 4+ match after potion explosion.

Yeah, could be the case. Still, you can’t fix one bug just to make room for another bug.

@Cyrup, any info about this so far?

Interesting, and if it is true that the this had to be done to prevent the extra turn from turn 0 explosion cascades, wouldn’t that mean that since Omens explosions do allow trait triggers on cascades that they would allow extra turns? Tested this a few times with hero and 3x Barghast in explore… doesn’t seem to be the case, every time I matched 3 immediately after getting an opening 4+ cascade I’d still drop turn.



Care to explain why this has now been changed to [Not a bug]?

Is this the exemption then?

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I know this isn’t your context but some people take this excuse as a valid reason. The greatest trick the devs ever pulled was making people believe there are weird natural laws related to GoW in software development and some things just aren’t possible.

It’s like they told us, “Well, since the toilet has to flush through the shower, I had to make it so if the lid is up water doesn’t work in the house. I’m still looking into if this means if you flush a toilet while the dishwasher is running, the front door unlocks.”

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