[NOT A BUG] Ahm, troops Я on fyre.... not to be

iPhone, 14.6, ios**

under broken spire assigned class(it was auto-assigned to my account) i selected “immunity to burning and faerie fire” yet, evidence shows i cleary am in desperate requirement of a fire extinguisher. it does the same for the fire starting option too, under same class choices. i have even set, shut off,re-set, off-loaded app, then off-loaded, delete app re-installed and yet, i clearly require a fire extinguisher. Am i bugging… is it something to topic about. new user by the way. it’s my first time. ^^,> /,^^,>😛

Oh boy…
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As far as I can understand,

  1. Class talent “immunity to burning and faerie fire” only applies to your hero but you have none in your team - Winter Knight, Sir Quentin Hadley, Court Jester, Captain Macaw. No hero in sight.
  2. None of your troops are burning - I see poison and bleed.
  3. It looks like you’re playing Khetar challenges (or quests?) and there should be no enemies that can burn or faerie fire you.
  4. If by “fire starting option” you mean Firestarter talent - you need a hero with this perk selected on your team for it to work.

If you are looking at the hp stat point on your troops…the ones which are colored green (for example, your hero, Quentin Hadley) are POISONED and not BURNING.

Check out this link to see the graphics of status effects.


nah, it was for all troops, i’ve had that hero equipped altho, i enjoy the true damage hence the line up i got vid too… anyway, the class stats stayed the same except i swapped out hero for Court-Jester i.m.o. worth, still same thing effects that said no burn would still burn, it happens during pvp too, yes that is chalenges i am referring too here are some screen shots; :

AAAA& since it only allows me one, the follow up.(P.S. : i had four screen shots showing same scenario as proof it was all same match altho, posting each one of those one-by-one seems futile, no complaints… just working w/ what i got. :stuck_out_tongue:)

Fireproof works on your hero only. It does nothing for other troops.
Unless it specifically mentions other troops (for example, look at level 40 talent - gift of fire), the talent works only on your hero.


Most talents only apply to your hero. The immunity to burning and faerie fire is one of them.


got it. Thank You all, for taking time out of your busy shhhhehdules(schedules) to respond to this threaded topic!!! /,^^,>


Two things:

  1. hero traits and talents work only on hero, unless talent/traits explicitely says otherwise (like give 50% mana to all giants at the start → titan 3rf trait)
  2. for traits/talents to be active your hero needs to be present in the battle → you need to have weapon in your team instead of one of troops, selecting a class for team doesn’t activate talents/traits of hero

Btw, you may (or may not!) find it helpful to select the following options in the Settings – I noticed you didn’t have Mana numbers on your Troops:

Animation speed is up to you, of course, 4x might be a bit fast initially, but anything faster than the default might help.