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Nordic Vikings recruting [GW bracket 1] rank 5️⃣

Looking for active, dedicated and ambitious players

  • min 500 trophies per week
  • min 800K gold
  • 1500 seals
  • good results in Guild Wars (at present upgrading sentinels is voluntary)
  • must use guild chat and/or community

We can offer you a guild that is rank 6 and climbing, all tasks done in a few hours after reset and multiple legendary tasks every week, higher rank for those who contribute over 1,000K gold and 1,000+ trophies, lots of support and friendly chat

PM me if you’re interested :smiley:


One spot taken, but still two left :smiley:

Bump - three available spots

TWO spots available and we’re rank 5 now… :grinning:

Vikings rule! Soon to be #4 :wink:

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