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No Heart of Rage Support Group

please dont say it is in the same pocket.

Not sure about the rarity of The Sun (or other Tarot troops) but I would assume they will be very rare too.

505 Games want us all to buy campaign passes. FOMO always wins for a lot of players.

Unfortunately it is, as well as all the other future tarot card, possibly 22 in total. If you think you are having fun now, just wait when you try to pull a specific one and end up with yet another duplicate you didn’t want, at an average rate of 1 for each 100 vault keys.


I am not lying, if I think too much about this I will start crying.

At this point I wonder if I should be saving my vault keys in the hopes that they will eventually increase fix the rates, or if I should spend them ASAP to ensure my best chances to get a HoR or The Sun before the drop pool gets too diluted.

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Good point! I have just come to an end with this myself and will just pretend that the troops does not exist. Best luck with whatever tactic you wanna use to ease the gross frustration.

Is this really possible? The card was in the pass the last week for elite pass + member.
And if you see in the screenshot, 4 emperor cards


Anything is possible when it comes to hacks. I’m unaware of any legitimate way to own 4 copies of the troop though. I suggest submitting a ticket and reporting them for cheating. Then the devs can decide from there.

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As far as I know, it is impossible to use hacks on PS4 and PS5. I am playing on a PS4.

Wasn’t there a bug on PC that let you paste in teams with more troop copies than you owned, e.g. 4x Zuul? Maybe that’s still around on PS4?

Bloody hell, and perhaps Xbox too. That explain why some had (without mention the names) 500s of keys. You must enjoy this game so much by cheating, freaks!

I got interested as @Snooj said I’m lucky to have HORx2 and asked my sister how many she has…4+ the sun… we are mostly f2p so they are pouring from the 2-4 vaults you can get weekly…

Waiting for the support group to kill @terberos in 3…2… :rofl:


Or they should trade some of his stuff for Owlbunnies.


Touche :laughing:

We are all friends here, right? right?? :worried: :laughing:

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Well it’s my time to bid yall a farewell. May the rest get this weapon/troop thing very soon . I think I’m somewhere north of 245 keys to FINALLY get this . I got it on the first try , during this vault weekend , just a few mins ago . I don’t know who bribed the rngesus or if anyone did ,but if so thank u and send some the towards the other in this thread.
Goodluck yall.

Still think I’ll wait to craft EK . Takes a long time to save up power orbs


Congratulations! :partying_face:

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In 307 vault keys and 12 epic vault keys I pulled 2 Sun’s and 1 heart of rage.

Over 20 Cedrics.

The drop rare is horrible.

In 300+ I did not get a single sun or rage… (SWEARING)

You are doing good man.

I didn’t keep track of the keys spent, but I am certainly a member of the group. I curse myself for not buying the first pass. I have 8 orbs of power, but can’t craft EK. I guess I am just going to suffer with dozens of Cedrics. He’s the only vault troop I have been able to get to mythic.