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[Nintendo Switch] Ranked #7 TSCI is looking for active players

Join the Smirking Cat Inn family!

We’ve recently climbed from the #8 to the #7 ranked spot on Nintendo Switch, and we’re looking for new members to help us climb even higher.

We’re a friendly group of both experienced (ex PC) and brand new players. We have a dedicated discord server that we share with our PC/Mobile sister guilds with over 100 members.

All we ask is that you take part in events, and max your seals! We unlock legendary tasks each week and are currently sitting in tier 2 for Guild Wars.

If you want to join our family don’t hesitate to reply or PM me a little information about yourself and we can get started.

2 spots available :smiley: Come join the Inn.

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We have a couple of spaces available again. For newer players all we ask is that you max your seals and take part in weekly events.

If you still have spots available, I sent you a PM. I’m only just starting, but I’d be interested in joining.

We have one spot left. I’ve sent you a message :slight_smile:

We have two spots available. Drop me a message if you’re interested in joining the Inn!


Hi I’m fairly new to the game but play it constantly and am a big gacha game player, will contribute as much as possible with daily game play. May I join please? Looking for an active hardcore guild.

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Dropped you a message :+1:

Thanks heaps just left guild will be home shortly after work to accept. :blush: time to farm for my scorpius team haha

Hey. I’m new to GoW but dedicated to playing looking for a guild to actually be active in. Currently ranking up all my kingdoms but working fast. Get max seals weekly and hit their 1 in PvP. Thanks