(NINTENDO SWITCH) Sons of Somber #2 guild recuiting


Sons of Somber is #2 in the league currently. We are looking for active members who want a friendly and inviting family to grow with.

We strive to be competitive and take a hands on approach to making sure each member is confident about the vast depth of this game.

Requirements - 1500 seals, 200 trophies, guild events. No donations until kingdoms are completed, once completed we ask 500k gold

We are sprinkled with veteran players, from other platforms and completely new members who have learned and grew quickly. We have formed a strong team with passion and drive, looking for others with the same dedication.

If you find yourself active in GOW and have an interest in becoming apart of the amazing family,.


May the gems fall in your favor.

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2 slots open!

As a member of Sons of Somber, I can safely say this guild feels homely, helpful, respectful and most importantly, fun to be a part of! Everyone is happy to help, and there is pretty much always someone around on out discord to ask any questions.

Tasks are always met (as well as multiple legendary completions), seals promptly hit 40k for that sweet sweet mythic chance each week, but more importantly the atmosphere is just plain nice. The group feels like family.

So if you were hesitant for any reason I urge you to give us a shot, we dont ask much in requirements, and in return will help you in as many ways as we can! If you have any further questions, you can also feel free to PM me privately on discord @ DeeWiiNs#6260, I would be happy to help.

Looking to join!

Hi I’m Giulia from Italy I would like to join your guild :heart_eyes: I’m very active and super nerd, I tried to reach you on discord but I didn’t find you
can you please send me a message there? on Discord I’m Giuly #8962

Hi, I sent you a friend request on discord please accept :heart: I’m a super serious player

Please message me directly on discord for recruitment


Hello switch players. I am GM of Sons of Somber and Sisters of Somber.

We are looking for a wide range of players who would like an active guild with a friendly and communicative family. We have a mix of new players and knowledgeable players. Depending on your level of activity, we would love to assist you in finding your home. Both guilds share the same discord so you’ll be able to be apart of our amazing family, no matter which guild is right for you.

Requirements include participation in all guild events, especially guild wars
-1500 seals
-200 trophies
-500k gold

Requirements here are best effort in events. Participation for guild wars required.
-1500 seals
-100 trophies
-100k gold

With both guilds, we ask no donations until your kingdoms are level 10.

Please consider joining us

Seeking active members!

Interested - do I go through Discord?

Mine is EmTheGem#3781

Got you :slight_smile:

Bumping this as Sons & Sisters have spots open!

On Discord please reach out to Flip#1338 for Sons and Phoenix#8206 for Sisters.

Can’t say enough wonderful things about this family and how they help you grow as a player - hope you join!

Bump! Still looking for 1 more!