Ninja gold nerf, my feedback

I’m really at a loss for words here. I’ll still try.

With 4.7 we got a huge ninja gold nerf to Ranked PvP, based on play style we now receive less than half the gold we used to get. No mention in the previews, no mention in the patch notes, just a nice large turd in the entrance hall left for everybody to discover on their own. Tempers start rising, because players are utterly shocked to receive another kick into the parts where it hurts most, on top of Epic Tasks. So it’s time for the well established Shortest Straw approach, whoever pulls it has to play Bullshit Bingo with the community:

  • “The nerf didn’t make it into the patch notes by accident”. Check.
  • “It’s a good thing, we fixed an exploit in an entirely different part of the game”. Check.
  • “It wasn’t an intentional nerf, it just looks like one to some of you”. Check.
  • Silence. Check.

I guess this is where I get to call “BULLSHIT”, because I’ve checked off all boxes on my score sheet. I’m stilling missing the bonus points, could you please also announce:

  • “This nerf really wasn’t done to compensate for the extra rewards we had to add to Epic Tasks, trust us”.

I’d recommend a more honest approach of interacting with the community. I’m afraid you wouldn’t understand.


I’ve said recently that silence doesn’t mean the devs aren’t listening. It’s certainly possible that come business hours tomorrow Sirrian will post on the forums and blow a raspberry at all the players. It’s also possible that he’s spending a late night at the office working with Nimhain, and Ozball trying to decide how to undo this mess while still closing the purported exploit.

Time will tell. I think you only get to call BULLSH for now.

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Just to make this clear, I’m not calling out the nerf. It is well within their rights to make changes to the game economy, it’s even expected to happen every once in a while. I’m calling out the way they communicate such nerfs to us. I don’t need to get told that the dead horse over there in the corner is a unicorn taking a nap. It doesn’t raise my level of belief if they tack on a carrot as horn after I point out the bad smell. And it definitely doesn’t improve my mood if they follow up by repeatedly pointing out how happy other people would be having a surprise unicorn taking a nap in their home.

So, yes, BULLSHIT.


This is particularly frustrating considering the gold numbers we had were the result of forums posters fighting for a month to get them increased.

So what happens to everyone who made fun of me because they said they totally have enough told for ETs to not be a problem?


Edit: The disgruntled forum mob has spoken. Count me one of them.

Solutions still apply.

Dev Solution 1: treat gold offers like trophies offers in pvp, where each tier has a minimum gold offer.

Edit 2: My only suggested fix ^

No, it won’t. They changed the gold formula in regards to how little gold you get for having a higher team score. Meaning teams that used to give 1000 gold will now only give 400 gold. Which feels especially harsh for those who consistently get matched up against those low reward teams, due to the broken matchmaker.


Yeah 4.2.1 is right here.

It’s true that the ET stats are part of this issue, but they changed something else too. There used to be a minimum on gold, so even if by the score a team “should” pay out 300 gold, you’d get 1600 or some such if it was a 3T battle.

The devs only did that after players complained for at least a month on the forums that it was unfair for endgamers to get progressively fewer rewards for doing the same thing. That was specfically about PvP points, but the devs intentionally adjusted gold rewards as part of it too.

Now they’ve regressed it, and they think we’re so stupid we wouldn’t notice.


All around it’s a nerf , your getting punished if you do the epic tasks and your stuck at the mercy of fighting troops the game gives you. At a 15k team score and the way ranked PVP works your going to get normal gold rates one out of ten fights


3 people with reasonable replies is a disgruntled forum mob?


Correct. I’d say everyone here today is disgruntled. Including myself. #grouphug #bandofangrybrothers


Fair enough. Most people probably are.

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This whole rework is about LTS and troop drops. 1 mythic from an LT is the equivalent of 120000 diamonds. They want this to end and they want to ensure that future mythic weeks are not guaranteed. My stash is empty trying to get the new mythic, and that includes 100k glory. My predicament will become yours, ,no matter how big your guild.


This game amazes me in that it continually finds ways to screw it’s players over. How many other games have representatives come out and basically say “You’re playing too much & getting above ‘normal’ awards, so we are going to punish you for that!”.
Not one word of this in any preview or stream. I would rather cut off a body part than give this game another cent of my money.


Well, all 4 of your points are incorrect. Especially the silence part. As I just posted about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

You are of course welcome to believe what you want, and I understand how frustrating this is. We are looking into it. Unfortunately, what’s happened is all a bit of a perfect storm, and I can see why you feel this way.


I’m sensing some kind of reality disconnect here.

Point one:

Point two:

Point three:

Point four:

Regarding this one:

I really, really don’t understand why these perfect storms keep happening over and over again. They look easy to predict, easy to avoid. It’s like they are intentionally set up to happen as often as possible. It’s probably not a call for help, your team is unlikely to have been held hostage in some cellar for years now, without any other means of communication. Maybe some psychological case study?


Yeah, most people ignore that the plot to almost every “perfect storm” story is:

  • The plucky hero is introduced.
  • Older, wiser people warn the hero of a storm’s coming.
  • The confident hero asserts he knows better and departs anyway.
  • Our poor, oppressed hero is beaten down by a cruel nature that generated a storm no human alive could have predicted and meets a tragic end.

It’s like we look at the Icarus story and assume the Sun is the villain. For every tragic hero who meets his end in a perfect storm there’s a dozen families who hunker down in their houses and live to sail another day.


I’ve said before this nerf doesn’t hurt me personally…I don’t do cPvP, I only fight 1 or 2 trophy battles if they are revenge, and my teams aren’t on the high end due to missing many mythics plus no guild bonus.

And yet I am full of rage from the responses. I saw the one in this thread ‘incorrect on all 4’…I guess they speak a different version of English in Australia. Perhaps something about the equator…like with the portal shards, when the pizza became pancakes. These pancakes have made me too salty.

Thank you all for fighting the good fight. Good luck in the next war.


I’m very disappointed that fighting weaker teams is considered an exploit, or not playing the way the game was intended.

I enjoy quick battles, Guild Wars takes me a lot of time because I have to concentrate and focus on every move, and the potential consequences.

When farming gold and class experience I want quick, easy battles. I’m not interested in fighting meta teams over and over again. If that means that my preferred way to play violates the spirit of the game, it certainly is a hard truth.

As top tier VIP, I obviously have thrown a lot of support into GOW. To be told, after years, I’ve been playing the game wrong, feels hurtful and insulting.

I’m making tremendously less gold per pvp battle unless I fight the hardest meta teams, if that’s the intended way to play, I think you should say so somewhere in the game description.


To be fair, if a thread dares to ask for a nerf it’s infested with players who insist “the game is not challenging enough” so it’s possible in terms of the game’s aim you just want it to be too easy.

That’s sort of GoW’s problem, I think. Instead of focusing on one player type, it’s trying to make everyone happy. That just tends to deliver a flavorless sludge that isn’t hard enough for one group and too easy for the other. And I don’t really want to be told what kind of game I’m playing when, it changes with my mood. Some weeks I really like GW. Other weeks I just need to do like 200 matches in an hour to vent some steam.

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To have Zedd to speak out like this says volumes as he is the biggest gow supporter I know. All I can really do is smh at this change of the “exploit”

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