Ninja Changes 🤨


Devs, anytime you make a change in the game that wasn’t a bug on known issues. Please make a post on the forums about it.
If you aren’t going to include EVERY single issue on the “known issues”. Then please make a “known changes” list as well that allows the same updates.
There are A LOT of changes that get made between client updates. With ZERO to none dev to player communication about them currently.
(This feature request isn’t relevant to anything that has happened recently.)

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They ninja changed pvp pairings too this week.

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rlly?i havnt done any ranked yet

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That change was part of the 4.2.5 patch, it’s mentioned in the patch notes:

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I knew they talked about it on the stream but I guess I hadn’t bothered to check until now. Thanks! :grinning:
Was the mail order at least ninja changed?
The request is still relevant. Just not the most recent example of it, it appears.

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Updated the OP thanks to @Fourdottwoone educating me. :grinning:


Collected mails have been in reverse order for a while, not sure since when

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Care to explain? Im at work and curious. Thanx im advance.

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Having a super low pvp score isnt giving low power opponents.

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So thats why sometimes i get dragon eye im first choice.


Next on their hit list: keeping a low lv delve for farming.


did they change it back? i just fought a guy with 1200 team power on casual


You used to be able to find weak team by only refreshing once or twice sometimes get them back to back. Now you need to refresh 20-30 times to find one.

The last 12 months the devs have just really been tightening the screws on anything remotely beneficial or above the curve in regards to farming.


A more detailed changelog would be nice…


Is it just me, or did we get a (positive) ninja change in the form of reduced damage from the Spirit Fox in ToD? Iirc, damage capped out at 60, as opposed to 72 or greater, previously.

It also feels like the enemies’ Magic increases have been reduced in the current Raid Boss event (enemies like Shocktopus, Griff, Jackelope, Monkey Disciple).


I thought it was just because Spirit fox was in a room level 2 for the 25th+ floor.

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Ah, of course, ty.

Still curious about enemy Magic gains in the current Raid Event :thinking:.

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I’m glad this thread did some good. :roll_eyes:
Don’t know if Ninja Change#3674 was from 4.3 or one of the 10 asset downloads since then.
The ability to see who changes Requirements in the guild activity log was definitely added in the past few months and not mentioned anywhere that I’m aware of. Maybe it was Tweeted about. 🤷

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