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Newbie with good questions

Not removed, destroyed. Different keyword. You’re half right - removed gems don’t contribute to your mana pool - that’s just not what she does. Often I would try to remove a color that is between a vertical match, i.e.
And remove green. Causes reds to match, get extra turn. And removing green or purple will usually recharge her too.


Just one more thing as you are already using Tyri to generate some maps. Play some Treasure Hunt. The rewards are high for starting players, it falls off at mid game, and is almost worthless by end game.

Edit: Concerning saving Traitstones. The reason not to use them early game is players sometimes place them in troops they will never use. If you read the forums there are some “safe” troops that you can put them in (and will use repeatedly) you will see those troops mentioned again and again.

Valkyrie, Mercy, etc… (very useful Supporting troops)

Great stuff, thanks everyone. Have a few maps currently so will play through them this evening to get some items.

Arena is for all levels. The fact that the troops are all locked into one level “levels” the playing field. It also allows players to test out some interesting combinations without having to level up the troops themselves first, or even obtain the troops in the first place. Now, yes, the combos can be random, and sometimes horrid, but then comes the challenge of trying to make it work anyway. The only thing you lose if you lose at arena is the 1000 gold you put up to do it in the first place. And that is even earned back if you can win at least 3 battles of the 8, so that you break even with gold, and also earn some souls and trophies, etc.

Just as an aside…the troops are fixed at level 15. I still play arena once or twice a week at level 600-something. Just as a change of pace from crazy PVP.

(edit) I also changed the title of your post. These questions aren’t dumb, and can hopefully help other players who come to these forums with the same needs.


Why isnt there a full newbie FAQ pinned to top on the forums yet? maybe I’m gonna sit down and do that sometime this week, if no one else wants to…

EDIT: Just did a quick search and only found this:

wich is a short version of a faq, so I think I’ll be doing an extended version to cover pretty much everything this weekend (I’d also like to include a section with names of ppl who are happy to help noobs, so pls send me a PM if you’d like to volunteer :stuck_out_tongue:)

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Excellent, thanks very much everyone. Seems like Arena might be good to play then. Just so many modes for a newbie, Quests, PvP, Explore, Arean, Treasure Maps, phew!

Hello again! I have got the Warlord class up to maximum, so have a good attack bonus now. However when I switch to any other class then obviously I am starting from scratch, and it becomes very hard to win anything in PVP or Quest.

I wondered if i should be going back to earlier Quest levels to get say the Sorcerer class up, but it tells me no levels are available. So what’s the best idea here?


IMO best just stick with warlord and level up sorcerer without using it for fights until it has a decent level (you can level classes up without using them, as you just have to spend souls for them to get levels)

P.S.: The full newbie guide is under full construcktion right now :smiley:
In the best case it will be complete this weekend, but its likely gonna take longer, maybe even a week more… (it’s a lot more content than originally expected that we’ll cover)

Thanks for the update Jon. No rush, I am sure I will find lots in there to help me, however far I have got level wise!

One last (for now) question. I see people are talking about that Merchants Blade offer in the shop, and they say they have got it multiple times. Is that for the stones, ie, does having multiples of the same weapon matter at all (like with troops)?


You can have only 1 of each weapon. So buying it multi times won’t bring more, you’ll still have that one. But 2 arcanes for 300 glory are value!

Great, one less thing I need to collect lots of then!

Yeah but you need lots of those arcanes. Just of that type 100+

Ok, best get collecting!

im not sure was it mentioned:

you can use a team without hero - while your hero is being a selected class - and during that time all the wins will still count towards that selected class weapon

(u need 250 wins to get class weapon)

and you totally dont need to level the class to get its weapons, u just need that 250 wins while ur hero is that class

Ah, that may have been mentioned but I missed it. Good to know, thankyou. Think I am at about 180 wins in Warlord.

Thanks for this thread - been a big help :slight_smile:

I have a couple of questions to toss in - what are the maximum class levels (as in Warlord, Archer, etc.)? And is there anything special gained from maxing them out, or just the stat bonuses?


Just stat bonuses, and everyone class max level is 20.

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Sweet - just what I was looking for :slight_smile:

Back :slight_smile:

Ok, hit level 50 over the weekend. I am pretty much using the same team (hero, ranger, Tyfil and one other) that has got me through pretty much everything. I don’t have multiple cards of any of them though, so can’t level the much more and the difficulty is slowly starting to catch up.

Thanks to my guild being great, I get lots of seals, therefore lots of keys and chests. Through this I do have multiples of what seems to me to be poor-ish troops, like loyalty, courage etc. Is it worth levelling them up etc? I am not sure about the later game stuff, where some games you can use toons you no longer use to level up other ones etc? Or would I just be wasting time and resources ans they serve no purpose if they won’t physically be in any of my teams?

Also, when I play PVP I basically never come across teams that use a hero, or any of the purple troops that you get when completely a kingdom. Like even the early pvp enemies I face. Why do people drop them so early, or am I missing something? I am finding them pretty useful currently, and I was guessing later on I will drop them but it seems no-one is using them at all?


Lots of questions troop rewards are great. I use rowanne from time to time still.
Courage, loyalty and humility are used in more then 30% late game invade and defense teams. Once traited they are real beasts.
Here you can check a video of how good are guardians even without traits and levels :slight_smile:
Guild Guardian lvl 1 with 300+ attack!

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