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Newbie with good questions

That means that someone attacked you in pvp. Usually when you click pvp button with the “!”, there comes a popup telling you how many battles your defense team won and how many it lost (and loosing more than winning is pretty usual there so no worries).
Plus, you get a few resources for every battle your team fought, and you have the chance to play against players that won against you in “revenge” battles that give extra glory, and other rewards.

Long story short: Being attacked in PvP is a good thing, and loosig isn’t too much to worry about :grin:

Ah, and also: Welcome to the game, you can PM me too, if you want to :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah ok, thankyou. Didn’t think anything happened the first time but just had it again and this time it popped up that I had been attacked and lost.

Do you just use Guild Seals for Guild chests? Or is there something else it is better used on? I know glory/wings I in theory save for that weekly troop thing (if I ever have enough) and gems I save for the armour.

use seals on guild chest (thats the only use)
the thing you need to pay attention for is the guild chest quality which changes every week depends how many seals your guild gathers so far during that particular week - best preferable is 40k seals chest but if your guild cant reach there just watch where can your guild reach and go for that or hold them for better times

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Ah yes, saw the chest upgrades part but wasn’t sure exactly what it meant. Thanks again!

Some good advice for a new player are:

  • Always remember this game is a marathon, not a sprint. I see players at level 1000+ say they are still looking for troops and traitstones.
  • Join a guild. It doesn’t matter how elite they are, as long as they are active. The benefits from guild contributions are so important.
  • Level your cities! Spend 99% of your gold on leveling your cities, nothing else!
  • Save 100% of your gems until you can afford the 500 gem dragon armor. It feels painful in the beginning, but trust me, it is so worth it.
  • Do not spend your traitstones until you are at least level 100. Think of the first 100 levels are your introductory period. It wont be until after then you have any idea what troops and traits are worth.
  • When it comes to building your starter army, pick your best troop and level his level to max and build a deck around him. Knight Coronet for example, is insanely over powered in the beginning.
  • The arena is your best source of souls right now.
  • Treasure chests are your best source of gold right now.
  • Watch Tacet the Terror on YouTube. He has FANTASTIC videos that will teach you about the current meta, deck building tips, and general strategies you will never think of otherwise.

I hope these help!

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Thanks very much. Hoping to get Knight or Valk soon from a chest. Currently running with Tyri, Luther and a ranger (the burst damage seems very handy) until one of those two comes along. Watched a couple of tacet videos earlier as well, he has a lot!

There are some other troops who simply aren’t well scaled… which is to say they’re insane early but do relatively little later. For example, Marilith (an Epic) has an ability that deals 6 true damage to all enemies and gives her 6 attack - and destroys a scaling amount of gems. As you can imagine, 6 true damage to all at your level is pretty ridiculous.

One you might be able to more reliably get is Dark Master (a Rare), who deals 9 damage to a target (again, not scaling) and summons something.

Troops like that are just good to have early on, you don’t have to level them or invest anything in them and they’re great damage until you get something better. Knight Coronet, as mentioned above, is above-average at most stages of the game.

Ok thanksyou, I will ass Dark Master and Marlilith to my “want” list. Hopefully one of them drops soon!

Tyri and ranger are fantastic beginner troops. What I did was leveled my troops to 10 and then picked my main damage dealer and took them up to 18. You will be tempted to spread your souls around but don’t, they are far too scarce in the beginning.


Morning guys!

Ok, have seen some more vids, and tried to digest as much as possible but there is a lot to take in! Level 40 now, and have some more questions I hope you can help with:

  1. Trophies - What are they for? I have earnt some, and in the guild roster tab there seems to be an area for them with a number, then a _ and then underneath another number.

  2. My Hero has a skill that grants a Giant bonus for teams. However I see nothing listed when I go to the team bonus tab. I assume that means I need to use three other Giant’s, and then the hero would class as another one and a bonus would kick in?

  3. Arena mode - As you get a random team from your roster, I assume this is for later game people? I won like three battles but I have only levelled four troops so I am thinking this mode is not for me for quite a while?

  4. Explore mode - Kinda the same question as arena. It mentions traitstones as the major prize here. Something to park for now and concentrate on getting through the kingdoms and PVP?

  5. Speaking of stones, I have read a few different opinions on them for newbies. Some have said leave them until level 100+ when you have better troops, some have said get traits unlocked asap, as it will lead to you getting to 100+ and the level troops quicker. Thoughts?

I had another question but didn’t put it in my notes. Hopefully will remember it after the above have been answered!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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First: welcome :slight_smile:

  • they’re (only) for the Guild league tables - being high in the tables (currently) offers no reward other than bragging rights though

Yup that’s one of the Perks you can pick for your Hero. Right now, picking a stat gain Perk would be better.

Correct - you get a type bonus for having three or four of the same type. - and the above Perk lets the Hero count the ‘Giant’ type keyword towards it.

My understanding (I haven’t played Arena in an age) is that the troops are not from your roster - they are fixed at level 10 irrespective of whether you own them or not.

Only your Hero appears with your own stats and progression.

If I have this wrong, others can correct me.

Also tagging @LegendMaker if he’s still around, as a master player of Arena.

Up to you what order you do stuff - but yes, Traitstones probably aren’t the highest priority. Right now you just need troops and to level a decent starting team.

Save the Traitstones until you know what troops you will be using for mid game (post level 80-100 ish)

Do quests and challenges for easy souls.

Join a guild, as many said above.

Try and get Valkyrie or another troop that make souls - and then try and get something with the Necromancy trait unlocked.

Save gems to buy Armour for the loot bonuses - don’t spend on cards until you have good Armour.

And enjoy :slight_smile:


Excellent, thankyou, seems I had the right idea for most of them then! Still waiting on a Valkyrie, hopefully they turn up soon. Will go through my troops to see if I have one with a Necromany trait. Currently running Hero at 20, Ranger at 12, Tylfi at starting level and that madman dude I picked up from a Kingdom storyline. Was wondering if I trait Ranger but think I will leave it for now then.

if u wanna use maps or tyri better level her up, with low magic she is not a big help (she doesnt need any traits)

Sorry, who is maps?

The Hero and Ranger pretty much do 90% of my damage currently. Ferit is nice to have against bosses to stop them attacking, and Tyri I just focus on when I have the enemy down to one troop left and I am healthy. No idea of that is a good way to play though! So much going on in this game so am just bumbling along and doing Ok currently.

Maps are currency to play the Treasure Hunt mini-game - in Zhul’Kari (though now just accessible from the Mini Games menu).

Treasure Hunt is a good way for lower tier players to get gold, gems and glory (and lots of stuff). It’s also fun and has awesome music.

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Ah yes, ok, I read that wrong and thought it was another troop!

the correct use of tyri (when her magic is higher) is to cast her to pick a color gems that will fill your other troops, leveled up she can pick more mana like that.
excample if she has spell to pick 10 gems and u can see 10 red gems on the board, it would fill 10 red mana to for example valkyrie and completely fill her!
( and then the gems move and could couse some more accidental gem matches too)

Oh nice thanks! I had assumed she just removed gems to stop the opponents generating manner (and causing cascades possibly). Didn’t realise the removed gems actually fuelled your mana as well. Very handy!

I suggest a clean up of all of these great noobie tips and a sticky on the forums =)