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New update getting pushed?

Xbox forcing a 1.7 GB update. I see no official news on the changes.

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Same for PS4. Downloading now.

Edit: the new achievement/trophy for hitting kingdom power level 15 in 5 kingdoms doesn’t pop. None of the usual fixes are triggering it, and I have no kingdoms available to upgrade.

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Maybe you need to level up? Then again, broken seems to be the new norm.

Confirm also an update on Steam. No patch notes available yet that I can find

So… Flash Offers now get progressively better the more you buy?

I guess that’s why there wasn’t a preview stream. No new content.


“Major technical upgrade so we will be able to look at supporting next gen consoles and other new hardware in future updates” is big news for me. PS5 native support please! (though that probably won’t mean anything except a better load time)

“New status effect: Lycanthropy” - random chance to get transformed into a random beast

Good thing there wasn’t a patch preview stream last night to show how it’s supposed to work. 🤷🤦 Lol


Don’t forget about the new tiered Flash Offers, we missed the opportunity to see Salty going on a spending spree.


Have fun playing on consoles. Nothing but crashes in pvp, 3 times in 15 minutes screams we don’t want to pay anyone to test our changes. We don’t always test, but when we do, its in production.

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I don’t read that as the flash offers improving the more you buy. My impression is there will be three flash offers, all similar but slightly different. For example, one offer is red deeds, another blue deeds, another imperial.

I don’t think so. I am picturing it as a window showing 3 offers and you pick any one or more of them. At least hoping of it as much.

That’d be good, if true. 3 chances for Rope Dart as opposed to one?


That’s a bit much. Devs may not be as rewarding as that.

This is probably a dumb question - are flash offers the ones for gems or $$$?

Money. The gem offers are fairly consistently called daily deals.

Why in the world would they pay a tester if you will do it for free. Sounds like a smart business decision and everyone should get a raise.

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Because comments like yours let companies get away with this kind of crap. How about something more constructive like companies need to be held accountable for their actions/inactions? Smart business decision - absolutely NOT. I work professionally in IT and have for the last 25 years. This is not how you build and test, nor how you treat customers. I would have a different opinion if the game was totally free to play and no one ever spent any real money on the game - but people really do spend money on this game. Every release, something gets broken. If I had a team that consistently broke things, I would find another team to test and deploy code changes correctly.


I agree, but the thing is, as long as people keep tripping over themselves to buy the next campaign’s elite (lol) pa$$ they’re going to laugh all the way to the bank.

If a teeny tiny portion of your users complain (i.e. this forum) yet revenue is constantly increasing, there is ZERO motivation to listen to any of it. There is also zero motivation to deploy bug fixes or make player-oriented QOL changes.

Dollars are what matter at the end of the day. As long as the game is profitable, there is no reason to change.