New tile design makes it hard to read stats during the battles

Platform, device version and operating system:
Mobile, android

Game version: 7.0 0r50226

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
The font size and contrast (and lack thereof) of the new design for the tiles makes it very hard to read any of the stats in the middle of battles. Green on green? Green on red? Blue on blue? What UI designer approved this? The first rule of color design is that you avoid low contrast color on color, and the second would be to avoid color combinations that people who are colorblind will be unable to differentiate.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every game since the uodate

Steps to make it happen again
Play the game. Better yet, use the accesssibility tools to mock what people with colorblindness see when playing, and play with a team like the one shown, where you have green on green and green on red.

Please go back to the old tile design, which had the crtitical information we need to see in a large font and with good contrast.


Oh and its also hard to tell when armor is broken because the iconography is small and faded. Again, size and contrast is key to being able to quickly see and play.

Tbh this change is game quitting to me if it doesnt get addressed quickly because it makes the game basically impossible to play in mobile.


If nothing else, I think the placement of Armor/Life and Traits should have been preserved. In battle, Armor/Life were the ONLY values placed on the “near” (medial / facing board) side of each card, with Traits placed on the “far” (distal / facing away) side of each card.

Armor/Life values are obviously VERY important to keep track of, so they NEED to be placed somewhere that they can’t be confused with anything else.

That being said, I do appreciate that when Armor is reduced to zero the icon gets reduced to 50% opacity. A few Troops have 0 natural Armor, so having a prominent “broken shield” icon next to the 0 value even though it was their natural state was a little misleading.


The broken shield is good, but i think the reduce opacity in conjunction with the other changes is too much. Maybe making it less opaque if the size stays the same, to make it more easily seen.

It’s basically impossible to play on all platforms, from what I have been seeing. I for one know it is on a 65 inch, ultra HD TV with a PS4…


The biggest problems could be resolved by just switching places and colours and moving icons a little bit. Any pre-school kid nowadays could do that in 1 hour and some “IT-Expert” in 2 minutes. I worked with several of them. Despite telling everyone all the time how much work it is, I’ve actually seen that it’s a matter of minutes. :joy:

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HKI after chomping on some enemies has its life and (especially) armor value turned into illegible scrawl. Especially on a phone, but it’s bad on 17’’ laptop screen too.

Tiny, tiny, why is everything so tiny now?


Totally agree, please fix the health armor and attack visuals!


I totally agree, they need either to bring back the old design which was working fine and improvement needed or make the numbers easy to see and recognize. Please fix this asap.

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