Armor values (in battle) too small to read

This isn’t even opinion, it’s a provable fact:

If a Troop has an Armor stat more than two digits long, the game clearly shrinks the text size down to fit it in the available banner space. At the cap of 1000 armor, it shrinks the size even more.

But why bother? The game does NOT likewise do this for a Troop’s Life stat if it needs 3 (or 4) digits, only the Armor stat is affected.

Please just display it in a fixed size, like how the Life stat is currently. People are already complaining about the text size being smaller than previously, DO NOT dynamically scale it even smaller.


Corroborating screenshot from another thread:

High King Irongut having 1000 Armor and 1000 Life, notice how the Armor value is reduced to fit while the Life value remains at its original size (which should be correct).