New Soulforge Troop: Leonis Tower

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I’d bet a ton of people would buy the pass for two mythics if they knew that’s what they were buying in the first place!

Same goes for Tarot card drop rates: why not disclose what the drop rates are ahead of time so that people are able to make an informed decision regarding how they plan to acquire the cards?

If you disclosed the rates, said players might be disappointed at the low rate(s) and complain about that, BUT they won’t complain after respective Campaigns are over that they now can’t buy a thing they would have bought had they known it would be nearly impossible to collect the cards otherwise.


The drop rates aren’t posted at all for the Vault, even though it’s supposed to be according to Google and Apple.


Have you seen that troop?
Only 16 mana, damage to 2 enemies, gains barrier, stoneskin, invulnerable, stuns on yellow gem matches.
What else you need for an overpowered troop?

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It to be better than a Legendary Troop from the same kingdom.

I hope you’re being sarcastic. It could have 6 Mana, and the damage is still too low to ever be close to “OP”.

It having Invulnerable and stoneskin keep it from being trash. A decent mythic yes, an OP mythic no.