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New Pet - Tiny Torte

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/new-pet-tiny-torte/

New Pet: Tiny Torte

A new pet has been released, Tiny Torte. You can get your Tiny Torte from the daily Pet Rescue for the next 24hrs.

Tiny Torte will only be available from Gems of War Anniversary Pet Events.


bon appétit!

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looks tasty… I mean cute

Gimme some cake!!


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Why the similarities to mini mimic, did the designer run out of creative ideas?

I doubt it. Same monster doesnt only live in chests.

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It’s a cake pretending to be a mimic.

It’s a mimic pretending to be a cake.

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New mimic’s effect, 30% chance to turn into a cake

Mimic’s tongue is not a fruit Roll-Up

Would that be a Very Berry Fruit roll-up.

Just wanted to ask whether the “Tiny Torte will only be available from Gems of War Anniversary Pet Events“ stipulation means that Torte will only be available TODAY from Pet Rescue?

I’m currently away from console… again. 3000 km far, far away. If we do get a Special Delivery Pet Mail (will we?) I can ask a friend to login to pick it up. Otherwise my instructing someone how to use Dwarven Gate and Tesla in 600 words or less, for short attention spans, is a little problematic. :stuck_out_tongue:

This pet won’t be gifted, so needs to be rescued within the 24 hours. Sorry @Theicla!

C’mon, like you guys never regifted a birthday gift before. It can’t be that bad for an in game mail thank you.

It is kind of strange given that other pets have been given out via daily prizes on special occasions.


I’m mortified that I had to use this week (and next) to be away from GoW’s anniversary celebrations!

I’m a Day 0 player for Gems on the Xbox. First we slog through continuous rotten luck with pulling Mythics and now, No Birthday Cake, it’s just too much to bear.

I’m in agreement with Sly, however. If the only way to guarantee getting Tiny Torte is to finish a whole Pet Rescue run, the vast majority of players under level 200 will NOT be able to get a Birthday Pet.

Doesn’t this seem somewhat contrary to the spirit of commemorating such an event? Four years of reinventing F2P with each update. Won’t the newest players end up feeling that this Cake is nothing but a slap in the face and a lie? My view is it really shouldn’t work out this way. Strange indeed.


Perhaps this is the harsh way of saying we can no longer have our cake and eat it too. I think it is also telling in that for the freakin anniversary, all we get is a cosmetic pet through the rescue only. Sirrian did do a look back at these past 4 years working on this game, but the fact there was not a week of in game mail rewards, no big hooplah or anything is staggering. Hopefully something is coming soon other than a Thanksgiving or Christmas themed event. It’s a shame that something like this can be so easily blown over and is also telling in ignoring older players. Normally, I’d say it was an oversight, but despite all the in game problems, some recently fixed, others not, how could you go through such a milestone so blandly? While we have had threads saying to slow down on adding new things and bombarding the game with new stuff yielding unintended consequences, but I think the Amish are more adventurous in their birthday parties.


While I do like a lot of the pets in this game, two things bother me about pets like this:

  1. It’s only cosmetic. We have what, 34 kingdoms and probably 20 troop types that need bonuses, plus all 6 colors, and gold/xp/soul pets. So, you have plenty of things that could be attached to pets long before you need to make cosmetic only.

  2. This comes out once a year. So, unless you spend hundreds of Gems, this will take you years to Mythic. Which is ridiculous.

The only saving grace in #2, is that the pet is cosmetic only. But, can’t we find a better compromise between having a bunch of “useless” pets taking years to Mythic and having more readily available pets that actually do something?

I don’t get it, man. Pets make no sense to me, overall. The battles can be tough, all for a copy or two for something that barely has a bonus (or none at all), that is (now) tied to Kingdom Power and could take years or hundreds of Gems to Mythic for really no more than a “pat on the back” and a “good job, random player.”

I guess just file Pets under “Things I Don’t Really Understand About The New Gems Of War.” Sigh.

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I’m a daily player but my daughter was so ill for the last 3 days i barely had time to login.

It’s a huge let down a copy of this pet is not sent out like the other event pets.
It feels like a kick in the teeth for regulars who had special circumstances.

Happy birthday gems of war :cake:
I’ll truly be celebrating without a torte on my plate.


More precisely, all we got on Pet Wednesday was a really cute pet fitting the birthday theme very nicely. Going by past anniversaries there’s probably a surprise or two still waiting for us.

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Well, I’ve mentioned this before, but it has been said by a very big streamer that he was told by Salty, that 505 Games is very angry with them for giving out too many free resources… He claimed he believed that it was only code related, but I think the lack of any Anniversary rewards in mail (not even the cosmetic pet we can all have the joy of tossing gems at to upgrade), and the news from the Stream a few nights ago that they won’t even be doing the 12 days of Christmas anymore, is proof enough that the in game goodies we received from past holidays, and major events like anniversaries, are a think of the past.

The Thanksgiving event will probably be a Moa Moa that drops 50g per battle, who knows. I guess we will find out next week.