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New look for none stress full guild

Hello all i just started playing on the phone app but i have been playing on PS4 for over a year now. I am lvl 20s maybe 30s on phone app (960s on ps4) so i am looking for a guild that doesnt require much from new players. I can do seals every week and after lvling kingdoms then gold and maybe some pvp. Thats my invite code i was in a guild before so some of my seals are taken this week.Screenshot_20180226-120309

Greetings Gemmers. PC/MOBILE
The Tamriel Guild is looking for active players to get at the top of the ladder. Join us for fun with raids, guild wars and invasions. We are level 651 with 20 active members. All our statues are 132 or higher and are rank 58.
If you are interested tell me here or PM me.