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Tamriel recruits! Come Fast, if you DARE!

the Tamriel’s guild on pc and mobile search some players for completing his Member cap, the conditions are :

  • LVL 300 (Minimum), no maximum :sunglasses:
  • 1500 sceals per week
  • For trophies : -500 LVL : 200🏆 Trophies per week
    +500 LVL : 350🏆 Trophies per week
  • Guild wars need to be done :crossed_swords:
  • Kingdom Lvl Up :european_castle: : no obligatory Lvl Kingdom but you need to do the Prerequisites.
  • If you are less than 500LVL = 500💰gold/LVL
    and if you are more than 500LVL = 520K💰gold minimum
  • Discord available
    -Contact Alysha, Guild Master or Roger Démon.

Come to have fun!!!:tada:

French guild GG


9 places open come all