New Kingdom Pass Begins - Vulpacea

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New Kingdom Pass Begins To celebrate the release of the new kingdom, Vulpacea, we will be running a Kingdom Pass for the next 5 weeks. Kingdom Pass Battlecrasher: Vulpphire Hunter During this Kingdom Pass, Vulpphire Hunter is a semi-rare encounter in PvP and Explore, with the chance to encounter him decreasing after players have done…

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Battlecrasher grind is STILL not the right way to do this…


When the Kingdom Pass ends, players will be able to earn these unique rewards in the following ways:

  • Foxite – This Pet can be encountered as a random Pet Rescue when defeating Pet Gnomes.

really directly after kingdom pass ends? or with a few weeks delay like normally?
please clarify.


Did you Elite Gold every single troops in the game already? If not, it doesn’t hurt to play more Explore during this time.

I know it can be boring, but the best way to farm crowns is actually to not intentionally it - farm something else, and get crowns as extras instead.

And if you don’t paid the premium pass, or don’t care about extra repeating level, then doing 7-8 crown daily will only take a few minutes. It’s the 8-10 ones that take forever to drop.

And for new kingdom like this, I won’t even looking for crowns until Friday, as I want to play explore to max the new class, get some tokens, and get crowns as just a bonus.

Should this thread just be combined with the New Kingdom thread? Seems pretty intertwined. I get that not all Kingdom Passes are for New Kingdoms… Still.

If i can catch 10, it’s bearable. But somethings gone wrong way again, i suppose

Having to farm these Battlecrashers has actively made me play less when its not active because at that point, I’m just uninterested in playing. I’m no longer playing at a pace that I want and instead am playing at a pace the game is trying to dictate. Playing a game as an unpaid part time job is not my idea of fun.


Without Kingdom Pass, I play around 1 hour daily. When it’s active, then it’s around 20 minutes more at maximum, depending on the day and other events active. I can choose if I want to do quick E1, or spend a little more time for a lot more benefits at E12. I like getting my daily goal done, and move on to something else.

I’m an end gamer like you, so not much content I want to play anyway, as I won’t gain much new, when most thing is already max. The rest of my time is just collecting hourly tributes when I could.

So I’m glad I have more thing to do in the game, and I can even accomplished multiple long term goal at once, so it’s great. Too many event is not an issue for me, because I can still choose what I play or not, like how Legend Reborn doesn’t exist for me anymore. Lol.

So maybe your problem is just the symptom of being an end gamer. Either way, if the game is not fun and start to feel like work, maybe it’s time to take a break, man.

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The problem might rather be due to being a paying gamer.

When not paying for the kingdom pass, players can collect all available rewards just killing 7 battlecrasher each day. That’s usually less than half the effort required to kill 10 battlecrasher, due to them getting increasingly rare after killing 5.

When paying for the royal pass you miss out on available rewards whenever you kill less than 10 battlecrasher each day. That’s quite a bit of self-inflicted pressure, in order to get all your money’s worth you have to slog through to the end, even when you’d rather call it a day. And you have to do it for 50 days in sequence. I sure understand how this can burn players out.

The really weird thing is, other games seem to have figured this out like a decade ago. They often don’t paywall/paygate non-cosmetic content, they just reduce the grind for those paying up. Applying this to Gems of War, the paid passes would need to lower daily battlecrasher to 5, with each of them handing out 2 crowns. Same total of 10, just easier to reach, some players would buy that just to prevent their brains from melting out of their ears.

Edit: 35 days, not 50 days. I get confused when I run out of fingers and toes to count with. :clown_face:


Is it possible to get clarification on the weapons from the Kingdom Pass? How will the players be able to obtain them after the Pass ends?

I suppose, nothing has changed since the previous kingdoms releases, but it would be great to know for sure.

Can we have some more info please. There are 8 new troops as well as new weapons and new pets with virtually no info on them. Please can we have:

  • How each troop can be obtained (are they drops in chests, if so which chests, are they event specific only?)

  • When and where they will be available after the event

It’s probably so much trouble putting everything in one place coherently…

Something in this link from OP (since plenty is missing in forum article)

Combine it with New Kingdom article (that, at least, looks to be the same both on forum and gemsofwar home site)

Orb of Vulpacea weapon should be in the Soulgorge next time kingdom comes around;
it’s just Vulpine Protector weapon that remains sort of complete unknown at this point.


I always thought it strange the people paying the money have to do more work on kingdom pass. Doesnt make sense. Deathknight armor is bought and lets you do less work. Campaign pass is bought and you just get more rewards for same work. Kingdom pass the weird one that makes you feel like you need to do more work to get your moneys worth. This is coming from a totally f2p guy but that is how it seems. Im so relieved to be f2p on kingdom pass its chill


It’s 35 days and not 50, but that’s still too many. I agree 100% with your suggestion that paying customers should get 2 crowns per battlecrasher so that only 5 battlecrashers are needed to get the 10 crown daily limit.


Maybe it’s just me, but the most frustrating thing about kingdom pass battle crashers for me is keeping track of how many I found. I’ve been doing 10 a day just so I can start and end the day with 0/5 on the map.

If I could just see an indication of how many crowns I found for the day, half the frustration would be removed for me.


Thank you! I’ve absolutely forgotten about “Official news” pages :person_facepalming:

I guess, Vulpine protector will be awarded for gem mastery, so, after the level-up.

paying customers should get the 10 crowns without playing everyday. non paying can grind. If they did this they would have more paying customers.Anyone wanting to jump ahead would still have to spend gems so that would still be left intact.

I used to be like that, but now I’m fine with alternating between 7 and 8, so 3 levels in 2 days. It’s quite easy to keep track.

Not this time though, as we will get new class. I got 10 today from doing Campaign tasks, and it will be 0 from Tuesday to Thursday. Then I will do ten daily to be done with the class, so I can pick whatever again.

Usually, it might be done around the same time as I get last reward in the free pass.

Strawman arguments and mental gymnastics aside, they have a good point. The kingdom pass (especially the paid pass) did not have to be boring and tedious, but it is for many people as it is currently designed. That’s not good for sales of the paid upgrade. People quickly realized that the real cost is not only the money but also the mandatory daily time playing battle types you might not otherwise want to play every day (or the gems as a substitute to skip it).

Everyone knows that it can be managed to minimize the time the event takes every day, and that you do get some other benefits from playing those extra battles, but that’s not the point at all.


The other game I play has a similar pass and you need to kill 50 troops which is easily done by playing normally.

Of course 50 kills would be a little low for gems. But maybe 50 battles. Anything that’s tangible and the same for all players, working in all modes, easy to track…

I don’t understand why this had to be a chance mechanic that also only happens in a select few modes.

It’s not fun. More RNG doesn’t equal more fun.

Imagine working a full day and then rolling a dice to see whether you get fully paid, half paid, only paid for certain hours, not paid at all… Does that sound like fun?

If not, why would anyone think it’s fun in a game?