New Kingdom - Vulpacea

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New Kingdom: Vulpacea Join Harper, as you explore the mystical realm of Vulpacea! We have a new Kingdom to explore, as well as lots of new troops, which include the daemonic fox Voidcaller itself, and the mysterous creature, the Vulpphire Hunter! Please note that while several Vulpacea Troops can be seen in the Vulpacea Storyline,…


It finally arrived! :partying_face:

I don’t have time to read story spoiler, so I will able to take in everything live, that’s exciting!

Also, I’m curious, what is the plan with Epic weapon, Orb of Vulpacea?

As it was an API for quest helper right now, it would be a bit weird to be craftable immediately this week, but Vulpacea won’t be repeating in this campaign, so only available after the kingdom week return again?

But if it was meant to be added in the Soulforge this week, please clarify when. Thanks in advance!


You can also get some of the troops from leveling the kingdom:


boost not work … duelist troop

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Vulperus makes damage to “2 enemies” not “3EDIT: It is Fixed EDIT 2: It worked on adventure board fights but not working on Vulpeca fights from time to time… @Kafka image

Thank you for the screenshots, I’ve let the team know!

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Quick update: we’re testing a fix for Duelist’s spell now.


@ALP I’m struggling to reproduce the issue on my account.
Are you sure it’s not selecting the same target more than once?

Edit: nvm I just saw in your screenshot the troops were being killed the first time it is hit. Reported the issue


thanks,its fixed

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Ha, as a Switch player I like the new Troop designs … but hopefully we won’t get all the day-one bugs with it, right?

Not the first multihit spell to have problems with subsequent hits not executing (presumably) if the first hit kills the intended target unexpectedly…

Just finished the questline!

And that is just inaccurate. :sweat_smile:

I know it’s a useful template, but it doesn’t apply to this kingdom. Voidcaller is the only Vulpacea troop featured in the questline, right at the end, as most of the story didn’t actually happened inside the kingdom itself. The closest is just a giant invasion on the border, and the spirit world visit, which is full of undead/daemon/elemental instead.

It’s still fun though, with nice details for me to work with. The prophecy is interesting, Wargare and Fox Folk is not the same thing somehow, and Harper is actually a princess, so a queen of Vulpacea can be the future troop later.

What’s missing is the inclusion of Kingdom Pass troops, how it’s connect to wider context of the campaign story, but that’s alright. I can write about it myself and share here later. :yum:

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Choice spells read strangely (showing double ampersands) in the troop menu:

See the entry post, they are aware of this issue. :wink:

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The Bad:
During the quest line there is a bug in the graphics. Do not remember which stage. When we arrive back at vulpacea and see the giant invasion. Bottom right pic. Harper is talking but the hero is shown.

The Good:
Congrats for the reference you kinky aussies :rofl:
“Harper the fox” OMG :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I got a problem with Tood Greenwoods spell. I don’t get the boost for the Wargare team mates. Basic damage is 50 without any medals and the announced additional damage should be 12 and I deal 50 damage on enemies without traits that reduces spelldamage.

I play on PC.
Hopefully I didn’t miss someone else who reported that already, I couldn’t find anything.

So…this new kingdom hero class we are getting Friday. Final trait, " Drain 2 Mana when an Ally casts a spell."

if this is from all troops, we now have an incredible counter to double empower book teams in GW. I think there is only one mana drain immune impowered troop used in GW right?

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Except the boost part is the amount of gems create, not the spell damage. Other 2 Journey troops also work this way.

Thank you, I totally misread it. That happens when you don’t sleep enough and try to learn something new.


Has someone pulled void caller from chests?

Yes, I pulled Voidcaller from event chests.