New Kingdom - Nexus

Missing War coins also. It should be fixed and grant up the missing war coins.


Wonder if everyone affected will get the expected warcoins. This is the first chance many veterans got to actually earn them from clearing questlines.


As this time veteran players could get warcoins, this kingdom won’t have any. This is working as intended (because we don’t care about those who supported us for a long time) … will hopefully not be the answer.


They can keep their war coins. I just want the dang game to load. Stupidest crap I have ever seen.

From what a guild mate told me, you’ll only get warcoins after finishing a set/amount of kingdoms which would be why.

But… How do I get that?

Do I need to level up or something? Because my mastery is high enough, obviously, and some in our guilds already own it.

The first lot that were added you needed to level up once to choose a mastery then they were auto added to your inventory, worth a try.


You’ll get it the next time you gain a level and your gem mastery changes. The game doesn’t check that you meet the minimums until that happens.


I did the quest line last night (reset is 11pm for me) and levelled up about an hour ago. Still no war coins for me.

So, as a ftp (#weavergate) player, we can only get 6 heroes from this kingdom?

from what i can understand, you can get the other Ultra-Rare at lvl 35 of Kingdom Pass event and the other Epic at lvl 45 of Kingdom Pass event.

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They were discussing two different things: war coins and how to get the new Elemental Balance weapon. Leveling up was for the weapon.


And since you can get two levels done a day, if you get all the crowns you possibly can each day it’ll only be 3-4 weeks delay before you get the single copies the free track provides.

It’ll be double that (at least — quite possibly months longer) before you’ll be able to ascend them further if you don’t want to use orbs, since it’ll be awhile before they’re in chests and getting specific things in such a sizable quantity takes a massive amount of keys.

Okay so, just trying to keep track of new releases.

Tide’s Lash & Krysta’s Scythe are from the Kingdom pass.
Elemental Balance is a gem mastery weapon and you’ll get it when you get a new level (if you meet the mastery).

But what of Natura’s Star? When will that be added to the Forge? Do we have to wait until the next Nexus week (Nov 29)?

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I see, thanks. I didn’t even know I’d received a weapon.


Yes, I had the same experience. No message of any kind that I received Elemental Balance, but can confirm I did get it after leveling.


Is this information true? Before epic and legendary troops had a chance (3,69% and 0,5%) to be in glory chests. Has there been a change with Nexus kingdom?



I have received both from glory chests today.


@Kafka Many of us were expecting to see Natura’s Star in the forge this week. Could you clarify why that isn’t the case? Thanks.


Extra, extra turns are possible from the new 'Born of…" traits when they lead to a 4+ match at the start of your turn, similar to the ones that occurred when Potions of Explosion and Omen traits were introduced.

I.e. You can make a match or cast a spell and not pass your turn (once).

I assume it works for the opponent, but haven’t checked or confirmed.

I was going to direct a guild member to this article after they wasted a bunch of Event Keys trying to get Hawthorne. (I know silly of them to just see a troop, the kingdom and then assume the troop can be found in the Kingdoms event chests before doing their research.)

Then I realized Hawthorne was never mentioned.