New Kingdom/Journey?

There is an achievement for Journey miles which strongly suggests we will see several more kingdoms. When can we expect the next one?


After the lag is fixed hopefully.


Coming soon - no doubt - The Kingdom of Lag and it will work as intended.


I don’t think Journey is 100% related to new Kingdom as there are 4 troops from existing event in the spoiler with the Pathfinder trait.

This event may replace the 3-days Faction Event dedicated to new faction (with the next one all kingdoms will have their faction).

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Nice catch. I see those 4 kingdom affiliated troops in the undated section. If your theory holds we might be looking at a couple months before the next event.

The undated section has often operated as a “drawing board” where ideas are put out there and left hanging for a long time. Some of the stuff on there has been hanging around for years without a release date and probably will never see one.

I wouldn’t use those spoilers as indication that anything is likely to happen, let alone mildly imminent.

If they have a new kingdom and you have to pay $7.99 to chase daily nonsense count me out.