New Kingdom - Hellcrag

New Kingdom: Hellcrag

Join the Herald of Torpor, as you explore the lost city of Hellcrag!

We have a new Kingdom to explore, as well as lots of new troops, which include the daemon Czernobog itself, and Hellcrag’s Guardian, Xenith!

Please note that while several Hellcrag Troops can be seen in the Hellcrag Storyline, not all of them are currently available. Some of these Troops will be released as part of Weekly Events, or Special Events in the coming weeks. Other Troops are included are part of the Kingdom Pass for Hellcrag. The list of Hellcrag Troops available in Chests is below.

Available in Chests

The following Troops from Hellcrag will be available in Chests:

  • Hellstone Gate: Gold, and Guild Chests
  • Petrified Golem: Gold, Glory and Guild Chests
  • Herald of Torpor: Gem, Guild, and VIP Chests
  • Czernobog: Gem, Guild, and VIP Chests

These Troops will also be found in Event Chests when Hellcrag is the Weekly Kingdom. They can be found in Guild Chests of the appropriate levels.

Known Issues

We are aware of some visual issues occurring in the new Conversations. We hope to have them fixed in the next update.


The comic strip style is excellent. Nice job.


The list is missing Craghound.


Whoops. (Less than 10)

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I strongly disagree. It was a complete waste of development time, while major issues remain ignored.

And the typeface they’ve chosen is fundamentally illegible on mobile phones and by those with seeing issues.

Even ignoring those two things, the comic book style just doesn’t suit this game, and it makes many of the existing quest lines not read properly.


Hi All,

If you are a comic and/or Marvel Fan then its think great to see this kind of quest line back.
For me with a visual disorder its very difficult to read and im not a real great fan of comic’s or Marvel, but thats ofc personal interest!
But I think that the new kind of storylines doesnt fit by my favorite GoW game and I find that pity I liked the older style much more!


I get that its a personal aesthetic opinion but was unaware of issues with sight especially on smaller devices. I am not usually a fan of aesthetics being worked on rather than game issues but I do personally like how it looks.

It’s beautiful, brilliant and I love it! Thanks everyone! (^_^)

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I was trying to raise that issue when the new comic quest line was released a few months back…

The letters in the new style just shake and flow; they seem to overlap; or they don’t generate properly and are pixelised in non-standard resolutions. The font is either too bold/thick, or the spacing between individual letters is too small, or something else - all in all, the text is very hard to read. Both on mobile and on PC.

I don’t really mind the comic book style on its own (but why it must be so hard to read?!), but… can you, dear devs, please decide on one style? We currently have steam-punk-ish/classic RPG-style new buttons and menus; futuristic chest menu with backlight and colourful frames, and comic-book-style kingdom quests (what does comic-book style has in common with steampunk/classic RPG? Not much…). Those are all new / newly re-designed styles and layouts, and every single one is different. They all clash horribly in terms of style, right now the game UI is a visual mess, even when ignoring the parts that have not yet been re-designed to fit the new style. I hope it makes more sense when all elements of the new UI are released, but for now - ugh.


It is hard to read so I skipped it.

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Why not glory chests?

Bad data.

It can be found in glory chests. Just confirmed myself.


The new text format in the quests is impossible to read on phones. It’s microscopic, ALL CAPS, the letters are hard to distinguish because of the font and way too close to each other.

It’s clear you devs either don’t playtest on phones or all have eagle eyesight. This is a readability nightmare that’s glaringly obvious from the first quest.


Fixed that for you. It’s awful to read even on pc. It’s just awful in general.
This is a font/kerning crime, plain and simple. I gave up on trying to read the story & just spam clicked through it, it was giving me a headache trying to read it.
What a complete & utter waste of time & effort.


I’ve passed feedback about the font style (readability, kernalling) and size as well as the layout and flow of the text boxes/speech bubbles thanks folks.

Regarding it being a waste of dev time - this was primarily an art task and our artists don’t program gameplay.

Our programmers have been busy fixing bugs and improving performance, we had a major fix for lag go out yesterday which is definitely noticable to me, and hopefully to you all too :slight_smile:

This is ongoing work still as well.

In terms of other things our developers are busy with, they’re currently working on improvements to the Kingdom Helper Deal, as we promised it would be our next priority after the server/database improvements. So we’ve been able to shift some team members off the optimisation and onto Kingdom Helper Daily Deals now as planned.


Should there be a reward of some warcoins for completing the Hellcrag questline? I’m almost sure I haven’t received any.


monday, mid Campaing quest: win 6 Dungeon Battles (2 days = 3 per day * 2)
tuesday, mid Campaing quest: win 6 Dungeon Battles (2 days = 3 per day * 2)
thursday, mid Campaing quest: win 6 Dungeon Battles (2 days = 3 per day * 2)
r u fckn joking me?

oh, i don’t say about 4 least campaing quest in a row this week - clear delve 70lvl

Thanks for the update on where you’re at behind the scenes, @Kafka. I know we’re all chomping at the bit for the Kingdom Helper Deal tweaks, so it’s appreciated to know it’s on your all’s radar and being worked on.