New Infinity+2 game speculation

Looks like Infinity+2 is working on a new video game according to the press release of 505’s acquisition of Infinity+2.

Following the acquisition, Gems of War will continue to be constantly updated, while a new video game is already under development and will be announced in early 2021

Speculation time! What is the new game?

VR Gem Match: Imagine being inside a cube of gems.

Kitten Gem Match: Collect ALL the cats.

Gem Match Maker: Dating SIM of gems. Help the gems find their true love.

Gnome Hunter: Action oriented RPG where you can kill all the gnomes to your heart’s content.


All I’m saying is I’ve been pitching giant VR GoW for like a year now.
In VR, have the Gem board so big that you have to jump to reach the top row and bend down to reach the bottom.

It’ll be a VR exercise game :joy:
Gains of War


Ooft!!! :muscle: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Openworld Krystara RPG.

Or, a karaoke-like game where you have to scream MANA SURGE at your device of choice to generate mana. And then you cast by screaming the spell of choice, while matching on-screen movements.


I totally just requested this to be the next game.


Dance Dance Gem-solution!

Open-world RPG would (potentially) be fun.

It’s definitely just a standalone Treasure Hunt game, though :sweat_smile:.


Just please no timer :scream:

I would pay good money for dance dance gemsolution!


Open-world GoW with randomly generated cards based on “components” (a la Borderlands) would be amazing and would probably keep people playing forever. Completionists’ heads would explode almost instantly though.

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Gems of Mini-golf!

Puzzle Quest 3 :thinking:.

Please this. A full, feature-complete game sold at a fair price with zero resemblance to mobile F2P crap.

Would buy on day one.


Its going to be an ant farm sim, you can see their progress in gow. Create bugs, let them live, and watch them grow. At least in their new ant farm sim, they can say working as intended with a straight face.

I just want to see “Gems of War” in Galactrix environment: hexagonal board, spaceships, trading goods (and bads) etc.