New Hero Class: Thief (Nintendo Switch)

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New Hero Class: Thief

A new Hero Class has been released, the Thief. Complete Brian the Lucky’s Thief Training quest in Zaejin to unlock this Hero Class.

Also to celebrate the release of this new class, we will be running a Hero Class event over the weekend. Particpate in this event to help earn Champion XP for the Thief.

Finally… Skeleton Key FTW for Switch.

Huh. I’m trying to figure out what Switch is “missing” at this point.
Dang this weapon changed the game.

We’re still missing around 100 Delves :wink: (only having 4 at this time).

Switch doesn’t have any of the 2019 content available on the other platforms. It is roughly November of 2018 on Switch (though it does have all the QoL updates up to 4.3.5).