New Hero Class: Hierophant

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New Hero Class: Hierophant

A new Hero Class has been released, the Hierophant. Complete Ethoras’s Heirophant Training quest in Bright Forest to unlock this Hero Class.

Also to celebrate the release of this new class, we will be running a Hero Class event over the weekend. Particpate in this event to help earn Champion XP for the Hierophant.

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Please, make the 3rd trait of Hierophant always granting a status on the first troop and not on a random ally.
That way, it could be a little bit useful.
Because 25%, random status, random ally… that’s unusable.

Btw, I like the mechanic idea, but it is too nerfed at this point. Something has to be done.
Another way to make it usable is to increase the %.
Even 100% wouldn’t be abusive if you keep the double randomness.
Well, it would become OP when your hero is the last man standing in your team and thus 100% would be a problem there. That’s why I think it’s best to remove the randomness on the troop that gains a status.


Would it make it OP? I think it would actually make the class usable. If the hero was last man standing, I’d only want to see a Barrier and there’s a few other positive status effects that exist, like Submerge…

Another fae? :roll_eyes:

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I’m sad at how obvious the answer is:

It’s a new class. The worst-addicted kind of player is terrified they’ll lose some kind of advantage if another player has the class maxed and they don’t. So some % of the base rushes out to buy every tier, rush the event, and hit a significant level by the end of the weekend. There could be no prizes and this would still happen.

Even if that’s a small minority, that their spend and engagement is so above average works out. That’s what I hate about F2P, if we were to map any metric from 0 to 100, the games typically are designed for the players at ‘50’ when in reality almost all players participate at the 0-20 level, but so long as enough players are at 80-100 the average is warped very high.

So the metrics don’t justify putting a carrot on the end of the stick.

I don’t agree with that at all. You could say the same for delves or any other events. Far more players buy big in new delve events than new class events but the delve event rewards are way more substantial. It makes no sense for class events to have the pittance of rewards that they do.

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Pretty sure most of ppls dont spend lot of gems on new delve events for the megasuperosom rewards but to have it done and not have to think about it anymore forever, for sure i do.

And speaking of useless spending then LOT of ppls also get tons of tiers on invasions/raids when there’s actually zero reasons to do so (those CatFighting for the uberpowa orb are max 3 each event).

Though I understand and agree but you can’t comoare delves to class.
Delve event is based on a map of 9 rooms which increases difficultly after faction room.
Class would need to be completely rewritten as it’s based on 5 rooms which are the same for each level with no varying of the enemy troop.
They could make it colour based on the kingdom for the troop we could use or open it up to the whole kingdom only and split the kingdom ensign into 8 and the 9th battle when in colour with a high power kingdom team to defeat.
That would give justification for an in line reward and also draw more players to competing.

Oh come on
It’s only 1250 gems for the most incredible kindergarten quality emojis
What more do u want from an event?
Talk about entitlement :wink:

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Orbs of Chaos
Chaos Shards
Things That Affect The Game

I’m glad your favorite feature is emoji and portraits, but I never asked for them and I’m never not going to resent that an entire update went to them instead of the things that caused a riot around the 4.4 release. Emojis are not rewards to me. They have negative gem value. The event is worse for having them.

You can’t tell me what my spirit tells me isn’t true. I don’t feel like these rewards are worth the labor of a weekend-long event. I’d rather mow the grass and pet my dog.

First troop would not work i think. Because then you risk just putting the same effect on the troop.
I think it’s all just a bad trait, period. Or, make it 25% chance per ally (so you could land multiple in a turn)

But even then… granting status effects is weak. There is a single trait in the Guardian tree that removes them all on 4 match.
Or 1 Wisp cast.

I dunno how I can type more sarcastically that that man
Obviously I think it’s a huge waste


It was the wink that sold it for me :joy:

I have nothing against this new class but since I got hooked to GOW @Saltypatra and @Kafka I never felt less motivated like I am this weekend and I doubt if I am even playing till next week.
As I said I have nothing against this class or any class class event but having just class event for weekend (the reawards are insulting for the amount of grind) and it’s is just futile and pure boring for some of us.

I pretty much only play the free sigils for 3-day class and bounty events. Less time, less grind, and still some decent rewards. So you don’t get the class to 100 day one, big deal. Just relax and have fun with it - which means putting it down on your terms, like you are doing! :grin:

I am sorry I misinterpreted, the world is such that even the wink emoji gets used when people are serious. If we came up with some other means of conveying sarcasm it’d immediately get abused so there’s no winning.

I wasn’t comparing the activities, just responding to the comment that even if there were NO rewards people would still buy in big in class events. Which I say could be said of every event and can’t be used as an “obvious reason” as to why such low rewards only in class events.