New Hero Class: Frostmage


Yeah, it reminds of another thing “borrowed” but also not very nicely executed, the Arctic Fox (art) which would be ok to use with Frostmage considering the whole package: Freezing enemies with the class trait, generating more blue gems with the fox spell to charge up and deal more damage with the Class Weapon.


No, not a mistake, just SUPER poor design. In a video Sirrian said they wanted to offer player choices in the Hero classes, one could say they failed spectacularly!!! There is almost zero choice for all hero’s across the rows.

Because using so few trees AND integrating incompatible choices in every Tree weaking them.
A. Pull the ALL the races out of ALL trees.
B. Fill them with appropriate talents.
C. Create a new tree for each race, give the appropriate column (race Tree) to the appropriate Class.

By “Tree” I’m referring to a single colum.

So for Frostmage.
Three “trees” or columns if you prefer 1. Frozen themed 2.Fay or even some type of Magic spell based tree 3. Blue themed.

It’s not perfect but would help the self created RNG Perk disaster as it stands now. And yes the “trees” can be used for multiple classes _where appropriate _


Although the Frostmage talent tree so have some theme with the class.

Water: water is ice. ice is frost
Arcane: magic, mage.

Storm: The only talent that has a theme at a stretch.
but storms include water (water>ice>frost)
I agree it could be a bit more tailored.

Even making all the level 100 talents affect troops that are the same type as the hero already boosts many classes, while unaffected some that are already good. Titan prefers fortitude still. Preist will still boost divines. but the knight class will actually help knights. Bad example using a bad troop type and a bad class… but you get my point.


I used the summon troops as exemples, I know it’s not a defining trait.

A well executed class is the Assassin.
With the base trait (killing chance on skull), you have a great choice of many skill that are thematic. Among them: Dagger wielding bonus, Stealth, dodging attacks, double kill, calling to your aid Sisters of Shadow and Bandits, Poisoning, Hunter Marking, etc…

It’s not the best class « power » wise, but when you play an Assassin, you actually feel like an Assassin. All class should give us such a feeling of uniqueness.


This is exactly why Assassin is actually my favorite class to play despite the fact that Titan is considered the best class.

I’m an RPG game lover, so I love class mechanics when they actually have the feel of playing like a cagey assassin versus playing like a sorcerer, etc. The class system in GoW has a lot of potential. I just hope that this is only the alpha stage iteration and that they will finetune the trees and improve them over time. Or, at the very least, we will see more well done classes like Assassin in the future.


Woot, I won the Orb!


Please change the 3rd trait to: Freeze a random enemy when an ally cast a spell.
No need to have only a 25% chance, as it is far from overpowered at 100%.


We nerfed 2 troops and several fundamental game mechanics to try and adjust for Queen Mab’s “Freeze an enemy on 4 or 5 matches”. I think it’s hard to call any 100% multiple-times-per-turn freeze effect “far from overpowered.”

I mean I’ve got teams that can get, on average, 4-5 free turns. I was playing with one yesterday trying to make Stormsinger work. That’d make a Frostmage hero “freeze the entire opponent’s team every turn”, which is part of why Mab is a threat. When she goes “troll -> nyx -> troll -> nyx -> dawnbringer” not only are you taking oodles of damage, most of your team ends up frozen. That same team would be doubly effective with Frostmage, and we’d have to nerf Nyx and Trolls or 4 and 5 matches again to deal with it.


I think making Frostmage better also helps us while creating teams that don’t relies on Mab since she has Mana Burn which is useless against enemies with immunities. Granted, for freezing enemies she is still our best choice, but also Hyndla and other troops could take her place for better or diverse strategies.

Also, if we could have a better art for Arctic Fox i would totally use it as my Frostmage Familiar in battle.
This time i won’t ever mention a buff for Wild Plains and the gnolls because this is @Cyrup’s “Birbs” Week…



Yeah, I really hope they take away the 25%, and make her freeze a random enemy whenever an ally cast a spell. :+1:


Its not like you can choose who gets frozen and most teams can’t cast forever. Queen Mab is still much easier to freeze many things.


I love this so much. :smiley: