New Hero Class: Elementalist

New Hero Class: Elementalist

A new Hero Class has been released, the Elementalist. Complete Shayle’s Elementalist Training quest in Nexus to unlock this Hero Class.

Also to celebrate the release of this new class, we will be running a Hero Class event over the weekend. Particpate in this event to help earn Champion XP for the Elementalist.

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The standard 1 Day Rewards doesnt feel like a real celebration.
Was lame years ago, same or worse today :roll_eyes:


We can only use Nexus units … i’m f****d, didn’t succeed to get legendary units with my keys :frowning:

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Yeah, super disappointing. That’s our weekend event?

Could have released class like normal on Thursday and have a vault weekend as many are going to farm class XP anyway. That would have been more fun.

Or at least rewards extended to 16 like you do for faction.

Come on!


Shayle, Shayle, Shayle + a good high damage (AOE) weapon.

Nexus Portal is fine but you don’t need it I would say.

Don’t say that or they’ll start putting pay wall events on the class, like they have with the kingdom.

On a separate note, how did the third trait make it passed beta testing?

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Can anyone confirm which Troops are available in the Event Shop?


did he:

  1. restart his game after daily reset
  2. do the quests needed to unlock class ?
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He now has it after trying several different things. My apologies and thank you for the reply Sytro :heart:

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Well, I’ve just one question: are you still playing your game? At least sometimes? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
How it’s possible to release new class which is overpowering almost all others? Who need even Titan now? Don’t say about 3rd trait. Frostmage, please, hug Queen Mab and get out both - nobody need you more.


Our GM’s class trial froze three times and she decided to do something else than GOW for the rest of the week, anyone else having this issue? all the 3 times the situation was quite similar as in the screenshot… She’s on ios.

Since I’m not going to buy any shop items,
I wish we had an 1 day event with 8 starting sigils
instead of 3 day with 12 sigils.
(To have a decent weekend event)

Remember the broken Wyrmrun traits? They didn’t get fixed properly, you need to wait for the board to settle at the start of the turn, casting a spell while gems still resolve locks up the game. All Nexus troops have a similarly broken trait, so play slowly when forced to use them in your team.


Agreed, the reason for the freeze was reported at the beginning of the week and is the “Born of x” trait of the Nexus troops.

What I just don´t understand, there is a “Known issue” article created by @Kafka, where the following workaround was declarded:

Back then, when the issue with the Wyrmrun traits appeared for the first time, the traits of the Wyrmrun troops have been changed very fast, it happened in the first few hours of the Wyrmrun release event. So I suppose, changing a single trait of an existing troop is a simple task. Why is the declared solution still not executed? The known issue article was created 3 days ago. Has the dev team been too busy with not solving the broken guild wars score during this week? :man_facepalming:


LOL I told folks a few years ago that they were gonna add an Elemental Hero Class, and behold.

So it is because of you we got one Elemental class? Think again :rofl:


LOL You seem emotional.

Why the 3rd trait is overpowered? I predict this class will be in top defense GWs teams soon. Just 4-5 matches, and the whole enemy team is almost disabled.


It’s made titan completely obsolete and pretty much makes Frostmage worthless too. It’s objectively the strongest class in the game simply because that third trait is bloody ridiculous


Thanks, I somehow missed this!