New Hero Class: Doomsayer

awryan has historically been against the explosion at the start of the match, I seem to remember some thread where I spent a long time doing math about it and reasoned it is pretty likely if the board starts with a 4-match that an explosion will disrupt it. But I don’t even want to touch the math for “How many starting boards have a 4-match, and how many of those lead to more mana than an explosion?”

Suffice to say it’s a very hard thing to prove, but I know I enjoy events with explosion potions a lot more than when I don’t have them, and if it was really a detriment I don’t think that’d be the case. But I can’t back that up with data, neither can AWR.

But I get why he doesn’t like it. It removes some of his feeling of control from the match. If we win, we tend to attribute it to our skill. When we lose, we like to blame randomness. But the randomness contributes to both!

I thought Death used to do double skull dmg vs marked enemies, but maybe I was just counfusing him with Plague and diseased. I don’t even know if there are troops that do x2 or x3 dmg vs marked enemies, or if that would be sufficient to rank this class higher.

I doubt tho that if I came on here claiming that this class isn’t an Orc, and therefore I’m rating it 31 out of 34 due to spite, I’d get all the useful Intel about which classes to use when. Much obliged, I’ve bookmarked it for future reference. For the Horde.

It did lol. Good memory. Are you sure you’re an Orc? Work complete?

The following troops still have 2x damage vs Death Mark: “Doom” trait (looked up via in-game filter):

Mad Prophet, Penitent, Sand Shark, Twisted Hero

Its a strange group.


I totally get why Sandshark would and Death wouldn’t…strange indeed.

Dabu. :axe::rage::shield:


I just did seven battles, no storms, no explosions, and only two of them had no 4 or 5 matches in the opening move. Two of them had a 5 match opening move. Two of them had a 4 match opening move. One of them had two 4-matches and one of the 4-matches arranged a 5-match. Now, seven battles is an incredibly low sample size, but 71% of battles having a 4 or 5 match from my limited data would probably suggest that even if I took a sample size of 1000 battles, it would not drop below 50%.

However: the real data we’re after is how many times does an explosion affect a 4+ match and results in no further 4-matches. Case in point: my current battle in class event has 4 random gems explode and 2 purple gems explode at start of battle, plus an icestorm from my talents. I had zero 4+ matches on the board before the explosions. After the explosions I have a blue and brown 4-match. The top 4-match turned into a 5-match. The bottom 4-match also turned into a 5-match. That 5-match turned into a 4-match. Without explosions, none of that would have happened.

So are explosions bad? Well, certainly if 50% of opening board states have 4+ matches on them, then a guaranteed explosion could ruin that (it might not also, it might hit the other side of the board and leave the match untouched). But it could also create 4+ match opportunities.

So I in no way dispute awryan’s 50% claim, but I do think explosions probably cause as many 4-matches as they ruin.

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Mind you he was speaking on 4 Explosions.
So Doomsayer’s trait is 3/4 less of an advantage.
Unless of course paired with 3 other troops that explode a gem at the start. I believe only Daemons have that trait.
And probably because of that… They will be the last type to get a 50% Mana boost. I can easily see 30% Mana start being created for just them.

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The game is far easier when you have explosions to start a match. Hard to see how this is debatable…yes it tends to target 4 matches but that doesn’t happen enough anyways.

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you expect too much out of them.

The daemon lord troop will probably just say : Give 50% Mana to all Daemon Allies when battle begins.


Why not, “If an allied troop is a Daemon, it will start the battle with 50% Mana”? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


“50% Mana, words are hard, figure it out!”


Daemons will never get 50% start. Why? Wrath.

Man those were the times, game looked so cool.


Also ishballa needs her 50% start back.

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She had 50% at one point?

Sure did. It was so awful that the devs both designed anti-divine troops and reduced her initial start. Life and Death is pretty irritating, but the old divine meta was just as much so.

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I’d rather she get cleanse back.


Haven’t seen anyone “officially” point this out yet (my bad if someone else did already), but with the release of the Doomsayer class,


the “Coming Soon” tile on Hero(ine) classes has been removed. So, this indeed is the final class being released (assuming these days, that this isn’t a bug). Time to toss classes on the growing pile of “Old GoW” game modes/features reaching end-of-life status.

Also, where are all the DOOMslayer jokes at this weekend?


Most 50% start mana troops are double converters.

So Doomsayer is actually good because its starting explosion and blue storm speeds up Rowanne explore when using the weekly glory troop so that it’s nearly as fast at the normal Maraji team.

Here’s the team code: [1017,6087,6638,6866,3036,2,1,3,3,3,0,0,14033]

For reference, the normal explore team has Maraji Queen in the last slot.

This is the only thing I’ll be using this class for, but it’s still useful and nice!