New Guild Wars: same old garbage!

While I appreciate all the work the devs put in GW, it’s unfortunate that it still plays exactly the same as the previous version, which is unfortunate to say the least.

  • Famine : Over the last 2 days, 8 teams out of the 10 I faced had at least one copy of Famine. Same old, same old. When are the devs going to nerf that card properly? 90% of all losses in the entire game probably come (directly or indirectly) from that one card: what exactly don’t they understand?? How many times do players enjoy facing Psion/Famine teams??

  • Colors : some days are ridiculously easy (blue/green Krystenax) and others a complete pain (yellow, etc.). Just drop that system or make it the same for defense teams!

  • Scoring system: each battle is worth the same, which is nice. Everything else seems very luck-dependent, mostly dependent on the starting position and cascades.

  • Length : in top tiers battles take way too long, with very strong troops, mana drains, summoning, etc. GW can take 30-60 minutes a day, it’s too much for just 5 battles. And due to the new scoring system even more people are using mana drain teams as defense to lengthen the games even more.

  • Rewards: what exactly is the purpose of playing against mana-drain decks every day to earn a few seals and 100 gems in one week?! Why should players bother? Increase the rewards, and even better: Please make GW optional!


Good news!

GW is now optional so you don’t have to play it again.


Real news: It’s not optional in top guilds


Is 100 gem bracket top guild? Would you still complain if it were 1500 gems a week…

Yes, at 1,500 gems/week I would find it worthwhile to play any version of GW!

I’m in a top 10 guild, but obviously most players are not: 100 gems is what players from guild 50-99 receive (= ranked quite high)! Even a guild finishing 7th, which is very high, get just 300 gems, which is really not much for players in these guilds, especially since most of these gems are re-invested in the next GW sentinels.

Is this really necessary to start brand new threads on a topic people have been uttering in other threads already? How many more of these are we going to see this week? :roll_eyes:


one for each cathegory xD

anyway i feel like this one is fine to plainly complain as this is “chat” cathegory with a “garbage” title?

so yeah … im hating the unclear rules :sweat_smile:
when sneak peak came in i was too excited about crafting system to complain back then, but now gw came in and the mess is real.
no way for a “good player” to use any strategy to “maximise” gw points or even come close

its like this pointing system is actually designed FOR BAD PLAYERS :joy::joy::joy:

ok i think im done venting :rofl:


Is it really necessary for you to read posts with clear titles if that’s not what you want to read?
The new version of GW started yesterday, so there can’t be that many topics about this yet?

There are. Just refresh the forum board. It’s all i’ve been reading all day…

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OK great, then stop reading them and have a good day, I don’t spend my days reading every category of every forum, I only use mobile

Nerf Famine properly? This guy serious?? :roll_eyes:


Then please explain why it’s in 90% of decks at high level

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Because it’s a nice card for defence.

I see Valkyrie is used a lot on defence. You support a nerf there? Perhaps, Valkyrie should only transform a random 30% of one colour to blue?


How would you change this? It is core gameplay mechanic.

I think you’re doing something wrong if your battles take 60mins a day… 12 minutes a match?

It’s how devs choose which troops to nerf or not (cf. old posts where Sirrian put the “how much troops are used in defense” graph).

Yeah and from that exact thread shows Valkyrie was the most (at that point in time) used troop on defence.

Hi! I am terribly sorry but maybe you were unaware that famine was already nerfed… Twice. Just wanted to make sure you knew! Thanks have a beautiful day friend😎


I don’t know who you are playing against but I see 4 out of 5 justice battles and i’m in top bracket! Famine for lack of a better word is easy for me!

Considering as my luck goes with cardgames, once i get my set (4 copies) of any staple card in MtG the said card is then reprinted, or banned, and then become cheaper…

So when i finally get my Famine i’m sure it’ll be “properly” nerfed i’m sure…
I’ll warn everyone about it when it happens. :sweat_smile:


So you appreciate the garbage that they make? How nice.

When they took GW offline for two weeks, they said they were going to make some quick minor changes that they could achieve with server code, then make a more substantial overhaul that would require a client update for all platforms. More changes are coming and starting a thread with a title of “same old garbage” doesn’t help matters.

Your other points sound exactly like the same complaints that people have been making since GW began. Honestly, your thread title fits your list of complaints as well as it does your thesis.