New Guild Found

lvl280 - contribute 100k+/wk.

Not in it to be competitive, 6million trophies a week ain’t happening but i’ll more than reach rank1. Just want an active guild with similarly contributing players. Give me a shout, invite: CHKNSNDWCHUK.

Updated platform, PC/Mobile.

platform you play on?

mobile/pc, editted OP to reaffirm this.

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The Breakfast Club rank 56. Laid back guild you will meet our reqs easily. Invite was sent if you are interested.


i have a mate who’s just as, if not more, active than me as i see it’s now 29/30 members.

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just give me a code here or on guild chat.


Just throwing in our pitch here at Celestial Peak.
We are currently League Ranking 33 and Guild Level 547 with all Masteries at 91+

AND, Yes! As luck would have it, we DO have room for 2 at the moment. But you need to speak up fast, becuz
I’m not the only recruiter in the guild, and it’s basically FCFS in here.

Plz PM you and your mate’s Invite Code if you’re interested. Thanx!

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