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New Faction - The Labyrinth

So many bugs, so little time to exploit them:)

Btw. Game restarted, pics not appearing. Scourge of honor - still dont have pic.


Passing this on.


i can see King Minos now, the others are still black

@Saltypatra Devs must place extra attention/time for checking Android’s versions. Almost every update or new faction presents a bug on Android.


And ready to cast (old) units are now showing a stretched icon.

This is an Android exclusive issue and does seem to be linked to the one affecting the Scourge of Honour. It isn’t a simple visual issue, but concerns how the art is built on the platform.

We will push a fix as soon as we are able, and have been looking into this for a few days now. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.


Without pics, the faction is unplayable. We don’t know which black pics is which unit, not very easy to play. A faction WE is long, but without pics …


Doesn’t Wild Plains also have 11 units of tribute, when every other kingdom has 10? I think it’s an in-joke among the devs at this point, but one we aren’t part of.

Edit: alas for me, it is Pridelands and not Wild Plains, as pointed out below.

yes very annoying you have to tap it to see what troop it is, it’s playable but not very fun …


Do the mana globes appear even though the troop art is missing? Edit: they do, so at least there is some way to figure out which troop is which.

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Spent all shards earned since last delve lol

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… okay honestly why is this a thing?

It can’t be for variety’s sake, because these two are the only other +red +green banners (of the +2 +1 -1 type).


The question really should be why are both Beastly banner and Hunter’s banner both -blue?

The new banner is nice, works well with Cedric team.


and phoenicia team, and yaoguai, and marilith team ^^

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A Banner Power Creep shortly after Warband-Exclusive Banners are introduced?
:thinking: :blush: :vulcan_salute:

You are thinking of Pridelands…4 units of Gold, 4 units of Glory, and 3 units of Souls.


Dang. Thanks for the correction

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Why can’t I battle the selected room???

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You need to clear the top left room to unlock the top middle room, top middle is a dead-end in the labyrinth. The good news is that top left unlocks top right too, so the rush path is shorter going along the top. [Edit:strikethrough on bobbins, need more coffee.]

I know but why can’t I access from behind?

No it isn’t. It has 3 entrances at 6, 9 and 12 o’clock. (I realize 6 and 9 o’clock goes nowhere) but the 12 o’clock entrance clearly connects to top-right room.

It’s a 4 room delve whether you go top or bottom. Bottom path is MUCH shorter, the only access to boss room is the bottom-middle room.