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650 Mb of update - Need a changelog

We all got an asset download of around 650 Mb - which is almost like an update. It would be nice if there’s an announcement about it.

We all have our guesses on what it could be about. Would like a word from the devs.


It was the fixed artwork for The Labyrinth troops and Scourge of Honor.


Which resulted in a bug with spell images :man_facepalming:

Every. Damn. Time.

It isn’t justified even for minor client updates, but forcing users to download 600MB of data again to add 4 frigging images to the game is beyond ridiculous.

Edit: we don’t need a changelog, we need changes. And apologies for the continued disservices.


From Salty’s responses on the topic, I think this kind of makes sense.

It could mean it’s now less likely the same issue will happen again for other troops.

I guess I can agree an update post would make sense.


Where’s that troll that told me we aren’t downloading the game again over and over due to lazy devs? Lol
To fix a couple of assets… We have to download ALL OTHER assets… despite already downloading the separate minor asset fixes as well.

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I am guessing they changed how they handle assets, thus forcing a redownload of so many. Is 600 MB really that big a deal unless you’re on mobile using data? For mobile, it would be nice if the game had a setting to disable all asset downloads while on data.

To the OP though, yes we all can guess what this is but hearing an announcement would be nice. Not sure why the devs don’t share good news of fixing stuff.

poor mobile data users that didnt see this bomb coming…

We had to make a new build of the game, which does mean that all graphics needed to be re-downloaded. As I mentioned before, there were issues with how our graphics worked in the builds, which meant this was necessary. I apologise for the inconvenience.


Is there an option to make a new build without the need of downloading all the graphics? Like re-using downloaded data from previous build and only downloading new images?

Unfortunately no, as the way the graphics worked in the game uis why we were having the issues in the first place. :frowning: