New Faction - Mirrored Halls

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New Faction: Mirrored Halls Join Princess Elspeth, as you explore the reflective corridors of Mirrored Halls! We have a new Faction to delve, as well as lots of new troops, ruled by The Mirror Queen! To celebrate the release of this new Faction, we will be running a Faction event over the weekend for Mirrored…

2400 to get the epic to mythic (9 copies from faction store)
2800 to get the legendary to mythic
6200 to get the ultra rare to mythic
6800 to get the rare to mythic

20 coin purse
75 gold ring
46 priest’s chalice
24 king’s crown
3 genie’s lamp
4 sacred treasure

Love the artwork! But in the quest, the word earrings should have 2 'R’s.:wink:

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So if I summon a copy of an enemy that has 500 life/armor, does my copy have those stats too?

At least in the short unlock quest, it looked like summon/“copy” is still tied to caster magic. I waited for Queen to cast and see, she summoned a copy of my lvl 20 troop at lvl 13 (her magic) with lower stats and missing the third trait. Also allowed doppelgänger to cast, same lower level and no third trait. No time to actually delve until later to see how it behaves inside delve, but I’m guessing same

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:heart: that the middle room is Difficulty level 4.
Too late to go back and change every single delve that is 3 rooms to clear to also be level 4 Difficulty in the middle room? Such as Dark Pits. :grin:

@Neritar I’ve been trying your advice and going with the 4 room path. But the constant skull storms that Factions have keeps my troops from surviving the RFG.

Yeah, I know, it’s hard and RNG-dependant battles. But at least I see hope in the 4-room path, while the legendary room is too brutal for faction-only team without potions.

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Mirror mirror on the wall, why to all my pure teams fall? :thinking:

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Expect to see some copycats, especially when trying Pure Faction.


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Spent 10,000 shards and still don’t have the new legendary at Mythic. Not my luckiest day.

Wow, that is unlucky.

In other news, the banner for Mirrored Halls is great.

I got Mirror Queen to mythic but my experience was the same as yours. She was the last troop to get enough copies to ascend fully which is unusual. In all my other delves, the legendary troop was never last to get to mythic. Maybe they changed the odds? Or it’s just one of those unusual and unlucky streaks.

Similar experience as some of the above, and thats for a first. The drop rate for the Legendary seems to have been lowered. It was for the first time the last faction troop I got to Mythic.

Question: If one of my Doppelgangers copies a non-Mirrored Halls troop during a faction troop only delve, will I still get the faction-only renown upon completion?

yes, though I don’t think I got credit for no death.

Ahhh yes. I’ve only cleared 100 with a pure Faction team. I did it outside the Faction Assault so I was surprised that I got 10 renown when I cleared 100 again during the FA. I just figured I lost a troop at the end of the run. But now I’m thinking that my Doppleganger transforming into a Bulette cost me the “zero troops lost” renown.

This is the best and the worst Faction Assault pure team we’ve ever had. It’s great that it’s doable without potions. But a bad sign that potions won’t help it be less grindy.

For those who will get it to 2500 this weekend…I salute you. Personally, I’ll put it on my back burner for a while.


Oooooh, I can have all kinds of fun in guild chat using the facebook emoji.

I summon @TimeKnight to tell us how this delve measures up as a farming delve. :grinning:

Also one thing not taken into account in previous delves is the treasure rooms. This delve has 4 treasure rooms which makes it a very good option for farming even if it doesn’t have the #1 spot for max multiplier.

When I heard about Mirror Halls…I thought a transformed troop would have the stats that it Transformed from.
Level 20 Doppleganger targets a level 200 AI… Stays at level 20 with the stats it started with.
Level 200 AI targets a level player… Stays at level 200 with the stats it started with.
And just like that… The first easy delve in a long while just became one of the most Difficult. 🤦

PS…I also figured out that the middle room isn’t a level 5 because of all the summoners. They don’t want you to easily copy a summoner. :roll_eyes:

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8200 is only slightly above average, but I started with 16 Copycats at 4k … thought I’d need a hell of a lot more. That being said, usually not being gated by the Ultra-Rare in these (generally the Rare of course).

(Tier VI gets me +5 Glass Golems so that’s really 28 there, regardless…)