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New Faction - Indrajit's Palace

Seems the devs decided to show their real attitude towards their players and not bring too much efforts in delve’s level design… Well done

No complaints from my side if most of the maps look like that, easy full rewards on Delve Tuesday. :money_mouth_face:
This might even provide a good alternative to City of Thieves farming. :thinking:


Stupid lycanthropy is proving to be a major pita. Twice now I’ve had my Tesla turned into a useless troop and multiple times the enemy has transformed when almost dead prolonging the battle more than necessary. Yay so fun, thanks devs!


You do realise how this look? Again things aren’t working properly.

Also the emojis looks funny

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The only explanation is that the “testing” was done on a previous version of gow? And no testing was done at all on the current version. I mean come on, those errors are unmissable if they were present during the “testing”

:relaxed: :vulcan_salute:


Mistake #1: Assuming there’s a testing phase for new content


Did QA fail to find the map issue? Did management decide to release anyway? If the latter, ideally this post should’ve stated something like, “We’re aware of a map issue on Android devices. Sorry all, we are working on it but didn’t want to delay the release!”

So… I assume QA failed. But this company doesn’t like to communicate so maybe management decided to go ahead anyway. :woman_shrugging:


Hmm…if they get you burning, they instantly do about 500 damage per skull hit (boss room at 500 had something like 200+ attack)…I don’t think a player has that much durability without obscene hoard levels.


The faction background reminds me one old “Quake: Arena” map named “Shibam”. Just the same Eastern flavor.

Successfully beat 500 delve with a faction team on the first try. Was pretty easy with the potions.
140 hoard

Non faction team - easy pickings


Well this is interesting…


Five Legendary rooms (1.5, 1.4, and three 1.3 multiplier rooms).

Hellclaw Hunter might not be a good choice for the Pure Faction run, but check out what he can do in the Arena without any special setup of any kind :joy:


It appears to be possible to roll tier Vs on all those rooms. I’ve had one in the second room at least twice. Not sure how many maximum though.

I was not aware that new troops were instantly available in Arena drafts! I thought it took weeks before they showed up…

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Does anyone remember who it was that ranked all the delves mathematically and showed which one was best to farm for highest avg multiplier etc? I wonder how this new delve compares?

I believe it was @TimeKnight who did that analysis?


Something like it? Everyday delves and backing them up

Uncle Rambo wanted to thanks the Devs for a fun Faction with some useful faction troops. I have to agree with him.

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And here, I was hoping we would see some new and exciting bugs! Every new feature, troop or faction gets something… but this is just the same stupid android display bug we’ve had in like 5 of the last 6 factions? BORING.

So disappointed.

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