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New Faction - Frostfire Keep

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/new-faction-frozenfire-keep/

New Faction: Frostfire Keep Join Keghammer, as you explore the frozen lands of the Frostfire Keep! We have a new Faction to delve, as well as lots of new troops, ruled by The Frostfire King! To celebrate the release of this new Faction, we will be running a Faction event over the weekend for Frostfire…

This looks like @ChunkyMono’s dream come true – an event focused on bashing up Elves that use Blue Mana.


2,200 to upgrade epic to mythic (4 tier 7/9 epics before pulling)
5,200 to upgrade legendary to mythic
5,600 to upgrade ultra rare to mythic
7,600 to upgrade rare to mythic

32 coin purse
98 gold ring
42 priest’s chalice
20 king’s crown
11 genie’s lamp
3 sacred treasure


Lannisters survived somehow and fled to Underworld? Because King looks like Jaime, and witch looks like Cersei.

7080 all up, lower than usual. Good distribution. Didn’t count treasure.

I swear I always get bombarded with these legendaries.

It took me more than 13000 this time. The 6th legendary would not drop for around 6000 shards.



I’m thawing a big pork roast right now. If I threw it in a fire it’d probably put the fire out and be 0.000001% closer to melting haha

Bashing Elves, on a Friday. T’is gonna be a glorious weekend. :blush:

I got 7 ST and 9 Lamps, all troops to mythic after 7600 shards +/-. Rngesus is on my side because he hates Blue Mana users. (Maybe he’s not on my side. It’s rumored he hates idiots too.) Whatever, I’ll take it.

Thank you, happy delving


Shard Costs [7,940 Total]

1,800 to upgrade legendary to mythic
6,800 to upgrade epic to mythic
7,400 to upgrade rare to mythic
7,940 to upgrade ultra-rare to mythic

Treasure and Troop Drop Amounts



Previous Faction Chart



No one has time to earn enough gold for new epic tasks
We’ve gotta record our openings and make charts and graphs

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Making an excel chart while opening portals only takes a couple extra minutes during what the person’s already doing.

Grinding out 1.5 million gold a week if you were only doing .5 before is 3 times the amount of time spent gathering gold.

In other words: a lot more than a few minutes

Edit: here’s what I intended to post before I felt the need to state the above:

7400 total shards spent
178 troops (48%)
192 treasures (52%)

Coin Purse 27
Gold Ring 88
Priest’s Chalice 57
King’s Crown 21
Genie’s Lamp 7
Sacred Treasure 2

The Frostfire King 3000 spent to mythic
(13 gathered total)
Frostfire Troll 3200 spent to mythic
(26 total gathered)
Frostfire Witch 6800 shards
(48 total gathered)
Frostfire Wraith 7400 shards
(91 total gathered)

Edit 2: I’m away from home, or else I’d also put my info in an easier-to-read-and-record spreadsheet format. Sorry, everyone! :sweat_smile:


Let’s not forget that once again the troops are shocking. Particularly the converter who I ditched at once. Minimum fight margin to progress is 4 ie a 33% grind increase against minimal factions. Another self deprecating mockery of Sirrians so called stance on healthy levels of play. Duplicity par excellence. I can’t believe the blatant hypocritical BS that this game continually perpetuates. Nothing a dev ever says can be trusted in any context at all. The truth of the game highlights only the lies they feed us with.

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Is the pet (Dr Sno) a Dr Who reference, a Dr. No reference, or both? Or neither? Discuss amongst yourselves. The scarf could be a clue in favor of Who perhaps :scarf: ?

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@Slypenslyde can you test that for us. Pics would be appreciated

No my plans include a crock pot, sadly.

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My vote would be Dr. No, although I have no true knowledge on the subject of Dr. Who. I’ve never seen an episode, no matter who was playing the Dr.

And my sinister looking Dr Sno is starving. I have no blue food (my Amanithrax pet ate it all getting to lvl 15). And I was unable to craft Divine Protector last week because I had used all my blue and green gems crafting food the week before. D’oh.

At lleast Rngesus is still on my side…3 minor Blue orbs today. I’d prefer Purple tho.

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I just completed level 200 with a level 5 buy in. JUST. This is a terrible faction once again in which you try to grab p1 life before they can. These can be long battles. Well done devs, you shafted us with delves all over again.

Another badly designed Faction in a growing list of bad decisions from the devs.
Or it could be my fault for waiting until Sunday to make my all Faction team run on level 500. The AI is getting extremely “lucky”.

3rd time in a row I’ve made it all the way to the boss room just to have the 30-40 minutes be a waste of time. Thanks devs for giving us such a “fun” game.