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New Dungeon reminder

Can we have something like Tribute icon which pop-up on Blighted Lands when a new Dungeon is availalble?
Or a new icon in the bottom Menu.

Yeah I’m guilty I forget one day to do my Dungeon battles…


I cant win the dungens anyways so i dont do it

Surely if you can complete the quests you are capable of beating at least the first battle each day of the dungeons.

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Dont tell me what to do your mean

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I forgot to buy the Sunday gem bundle, if that’s any consolation…


This. On the kingdom would be nice too, but definitely in the minigames menu.
And another one for when the Soulforge is ready to be upgraded for free, although this one is far less important.

I’m the opposite. I’ve been paranoidly checking multiple times each day that I’ve done the Dungeon already. :grimacing:

Absolutely, please have a pop-up for available Dungeon? I’d prefer it on the Mini-games menu, but on Blighted Lands would also be way better than the current complete absence.


I’ve set a routine of setting GW defense and doing the dungeon - on Monday - then pvp till rank 1, spending my weekly money on the guild tasks and log out.

Doing GW first thing I log in every other day, followed by dungeon and then a bit pvp or explore or whatever - but first things first… which is gw and dungeon. (Check Guild before logout)

It’s just a matter of putting things first when you log in.
It’ll become a habit.
You won’t forget.

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This would be great… except I blew gems to level it from 3-10… :smiling_imp:
BEFORE I knew about the gem nerf… :astonished:
Wish I could get those gems back now… :sob:


Excellent idea. Forgot three times last week to do the dungeons.