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New Campaign Begins: Ancient Sarcophagus

A New Campaign Begins

A brand new Campaign begins today, adventure into Grosh-Nak, where an Orc War Leader has been murdered.

Artifact: Ancient Sarcophagus

During this Campaign, players can earn Stars to level this Campaign’s Artifact – the Ancient Sarcophagus. Each new level will expand the story of the Campaign and also give Skill Point bonuses to all battles (including PvP and Guild Wars).

(These bonuses will only apply during the Campaign and are lost when the Campaign ends).

Elite Pass Rewards Sneak Peek

We have a sneak peek at a few of the rewards that will be available from the Elite Pass reward track.
Players also have the chance to collect 3 weapons that can be forged into a new mythic weapon, Duskbringer.

When the campaign ends, players can still earn unique rewards in the following ways:

  • Pharaoh Nefertani – She will start appearing in chests 3-4 weeks after the Campaign ends
  • Weapons – These weapons will be craftable from the Soulforge the next time during their Kingdom’s event.
  • Portraits, Emojis and Titles – Like Social Collectibles from Events, these will become available to purchase from Gems about 3 months after the Campaign ends.
  • Mimicophagus – As this pet is cosmetic, he will only be available during special Pet Rescues after the Campaign.

If you are looking for a list of the Campaign Tasks each week, check out my thread…

I list the tasks and give some tips on how to complete the tasks, great for planning your game play and proves pretty helpful for newer players with a few easy to build teams


Well, the rewards for Campaign 2 show they’re doubling down on giving collectors the finger with another pet, three weapons, and another Mythic if you pay up.

This is proof they made absolute killing off the first pa$$. They stuck with a very similar reward structure.

I don’t know if I’ll be playing this Campaign at all. They did relent and add Event Keys to the free pa$$ rewards, but it’s only two Keys over a 10-week period and I’m betting we are asked to spend a couple almost every week again.

Make the free rewards REWARDING.


There are 2 books of magic deeds in free track, and extra 2 on elite pass.

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I do agree that the free reward track should be ‘Free’ in the sense that you shouldn’t have to spend resources to get less back. Keys of any kind and gemstones for crafting summoning stones are my major gripe with the free rewards.


What to be outraged about first …

New weapons that forge Duskbringer not available until their Kingdom’s event. That’s three different kingdoms. So we have to wait an average of… what, almost a year? Before all three of those roll around again. Good effing work there. The weapon has been made, we can see it on the spoiler sites, we’ve been asking for it for ages … just no, this is not how you do things.

Then there’s the “Books of Magic Deeds” aka craploads of Magic Deeds. Yeah there are two on the free track and two on the elite track. That qualifies as P2W given that it upgrades magic faster for those who spend money, but given that it needs 30 of them to get one magic and we’re looking at four in ten weeks … sheesh, I don’t know if I should be more annoyed at the P2W or the pacing or just say both and be done with.

Then, finally and perhaps most obviously for some of us, there’s the pet.
image image
Have you met … Cofagrigus? Because Nintendo would like a word with your art team.

I don’t even really want to touch this pile of a game at the moment.


Unless you fix Death Mark (I’m talking about the fact that reapplying it to already Death Marked troops prevents the effect to trigger in the next turn), this new mythic is unfortunately BAD.

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Does anyone remember what the max stats on the first artifact were? Looking at the new one, I think they’re lower: 10 life, 9 attack, 15 armour, 4 magic.

Stats are on par, just done differently. Last one - from memory - was 20 life 6 attack 10 armor 4 magic. So - unless I remembered wrong? - we have -5 life -5 life +3 attack +5 armor.

Looking at it like that, those first stats match up with Urskaya’s health-ier troops and these ones match up with Khetar’s tendency to have more armor. That’s about the first neat thing I’ve seen in this godawful stupid system.

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I’d also like to point out the eight rewards where we get 15 Writs each:

  • It’s takes 100 Writs (plus 100 jewels and 1000 souls) to craft a single Deed.
  • It takes two Deeds (plus 55000 gold) for the lowest level kingdom upgrade requiring Deeds.

@Saltypatra I know this isn’t a thankful job but is there any way you could get these numbers looked at? It’s a reward handed out over the course of 10 weeks, at least allow players to get a kingdom upgrade or two out of it, they still have to throw in extra resources. I’d also like to point out that by the official outlook given on Deeds we should have reached upgrade level 15 in all kingdoms by now, we are at best halfway there, so this might be a reasonable opportunity to pick up the pace a little.


Can I just point out that without a farmable way to obtain imperial deeds or writs the books are kind of…useless?


This is so funny. The money carrot is dangled again with a similar format to the last campaign and a couple of books. But, just look at the mythic; singular damage just like the original kurandara. What’s the bets that at the end of campaign a ‘new’ angrier pharaoh with AOE damage appears in forge for power orbs? Plus of course you will need those orbs via flash offers etc.

This is ludicrous, shameful greed from a company who don’t care how broken their product is. They are targeting collectors big time, preying on the aspect that many simply can’t face seeing troops, weapons etc under the ‘unowned’ tab. This company is targeting players who are quite possibly the most addicted and dependant. But remember that even a drug addict won’t buy from someone dealing a shite product. Time to wake up guys and gals. Nothing is ever gonna get fixed in this game and the extent of extortive marketing is only gonna increase. They deserve zero… FACT


Close to zero, they already said that troops like Zuul and Enraged Kurandara will only get added very, very rarely. Besides, there isn’t any doped up Nefertani in the game files.


Is it sad that I actually would want that? I’ve been wanting a decent necromancy troop that hits more than one target…

I should probably delete the 1st paragraph about the pharaoh. It’s the 2nd paragraph that is more important to consider.

I’m not sure, some of their decisions feel really weird, like half of the time they have no idea what the rewards they are handing out actually do. Remember the first version of epic tasks that were supposed to contain 5 jewels? That’s not greedy, that’s just clueless.


Would that be the same as giving 4 books in a 11 week period when 1 kingdom needs 30 books and 29 imperial deeds (0 included) multiplied by 34 kingdoms?


Thats the point. Of course only they know the big picture for the future (release plan) but they seem to be color blind in the present.

Not quite, a book of deeds at least gets you a kingdom upgraded from 15 to 16, provided you also have the other resources. 5 jewels don’t get you anything. There’s also the matter that book of deeds is new, they’ll likely gradually ramp up availability.

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Also there is no inclusion of scrolls for doomed weapons despite mention of provision of this now, much rarer resource being addressed following ToD rescheduling. Fortunately we’ve got coin purse as a suitable replacement.