New 4.7 achievement is bad-design

The new achievement that got added but conveniently not mentioned in the Patch Notes is ridiculously grindy.

I always appreciated that the dev’s didn’t go into making the achievement of the game extra-grindy until today. There was no achievement to get ZG, no achievement to have all the challenges completed in all kingdoms, no achievement to get all kingdoms at power 15 or this kind of long grind…

But here, if we calculate a little, getting 100 gold-medaled troops would require 300 medals, so 2700 token which is between 900 and 1350 explore chest multiplied by 6 fights => 5400 and 8100 fights (without counting the fights when you won’t have enough Mythstones to fight the Mythic boss).

And of course, level12 fights, not “firebomb, firebomb, sunbird, win” fights…

I don’t even count the soul costs but this would also reach ridiculous amount…

This is an useless grind and I hope the dev’s will reconsider.


6,000,000 souls

For a somewhat controversial opinion, I like it. It’s an achievement that actually takes effort to achieve, you have to do more than just launch the game to get it. Those who manage to get it early can brag a little, all others will still eventually get there if they keep playing.


My understanding is they giggled and called it out as a specific middle finger to a specific player who usually speedruns the achievements.

I don’t normally mind antagonizing completionists but this kind of fits the them of “GoW devs don’t get their audience”. Lots of people like to get all of the achievements, so making it super hard to get one hurts all of them.


A lot of people play games to complete them (or at least complete the achievement set). Those players will no longer start this game.

This achievement would be fun and motivating at 25 troops. 100 is so outlandish and ridiculous that it tells me to not even bother. It clearly wasn’t intended to be completed for years, so why add it now? Setting aside the slow medal acquisition rate and horrible (horrible) explore interface, it takes ages to grind the minimum 6 million souls that you’ll need to use the medals.

Why add features you wouldn’t want to play yourself?


Easy. I’m already 17 troops there. It goes a lot faster than you think… upgrade all your most used troops by lowest rarity first, like bounty troops, then work your way up.

I’m at 15 upgraded troops. Just ran out of souls, so now I can’t progress further for awhile.

It is easy, it just takes hundreds of hours of doing the same explore battles repeatedly. It’s not the difficulty, it’s the design.

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I’m a completionist and I’m all for effort in achieving, I’m trying to 100% Path of Exile and that’s the kind of achievement I’m actually satisfied when I get them. That’s also why I have nothing against the Exalted achievement that wasn’t easy to get at all (even though there was a lot of RNG involved that didn’t make it “too” fun either).

But dumb grind isn’t enjoyable, you don’t get any satisfaction out of it. I straight up didn’t buy Banner Saga 3 because one of the achievement ask you to play every week for 3 years to get it. It’s ridiculous, even more if in this case it’s just made to spite a certain player…

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The problem here is that Steam achievements are easily hackable, and in a matter of days there will be at least a few players who already have it awarded to them despite not actually having played the game, and the devs won’t care. Meanwhile, there are other games I play which don’t even have any Steam achievements because there is some new and mysterious requirement to get them added which Steam is keeping secret from the affected devs. It’s all a warped joke, IMHO.

EDIT: As I write this, only 1.6% of all players on Steam have earned the achievement for equipping at least one badge or medal. What does that say about how much the new explore system is being used, hmmm?

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Achievement hunters are using sites like AStats to track their progress. Hackers using SAM to unlock achievements on Steam are banned from such websites as it’s quite easy to detect most of the time.

And about your edit, I agree, medals are requiring too much grind to justify the small stat gain on “ONE” card so I can understand most people stopped after getting 3 “global” medals that don’t totally suck.

Making an achievement about the system was a right way to encourage more players to farm those medals but for that, the number needed to be realistic. I guess, from 10 to 20 would have in the range of achievable. 100 is straight up discouraging and will have effect only on the most hardcore GoW players.


I completely agree with this. I have no desire to chase this just to keep my unlocked achievements at 100%.


Is it THAT hard to get the achievment actually?
100 common troops, 100 cedric medals, done.

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You have the math wrong, you need 100 GOLD Elite Level troops. Quoting the math I did in another thread:

6,480 Explore battles is if you roll the dice and you’re lucky EVERY TIME. The more likely possibility is that it will take tens of thousands of battles, and millions and millions of souls.

If the achievement were a tenth of what it was, I would have thought it was fine.


The only reason this was added was because Geoff Ramsey from Rooster Teeth bragged about it taking him 4 years to complete. The devs responded by saying “We are adding in achievements now just for this purpose”, purely to put an end to his 100%. Now everyone has to suffer.


Was there more to it than this one tweet by Geoff?

I expected something else by the way it was described on the stream.

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It will take approx 100 hours of farming D12 explore to unlock this. 100 hours is a lot but a couple hours a week and you’ll get there eventually.

Maybe when my imaginary achievements gets me something more than a +1 to an imaginary total
I imagine I might care if I ever get it

its a lot worse if you dont have the souls on hand


Souls will def suck for new players. For context I pretty much stopped playing after 4.6 update and I only have 4.6m souls and I was a day 1 xbox player w/ 5700 hours logged.

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It’s just a dumb trollbait publicity stunt to try to get some free advertising from people who apparently hurt the devs’ feelings one time:

Marketing > players.

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